It’s July 12th which means it is National Simplicity Day. If you have never heard of National Simplicity Day before don’t worry, neither had we. The day was created by the Emily Fund organization to honor and remember Emily Rachel Silverstein. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage people to live more simply and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. At We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air and across the United States we are all surrounded by air-conditioned homes, offices, grocery stores, vehicles, and so on. With our constant exposure to climate control, it is easy to forget that millions of people all around the world do not have access to the air conditioning of any sort. We bring this up to make the point that we don’t need huge things in our lives to make us grateful. When we look around us, the little things like air conditioning in the Southern California heat are enough for us to be thankful for.

On this Simplicity Day we recommend doing two things:
  • Take a moment to reflect on all of the things that we have to be thankful for that we would usually overlook. We think air conditioning on a hot day is an excellent example of this, but in a country as fortunate as ours the simple conveniences around us are plentiful. Taking a moment to pick one of these simple pleasures to appreciate can help reset our thinking on how fortunate we are to live in this time, and in a place as amazing as Southern California.
  • Set aside time to do a few simple things that can make a big difference down the line. Things we tend to put off can include scheduling a long-overdue dentist appointment, replacing your air filters, getting an oil change, etc. We tend to forget how essential maintenance is for our health, our vehicles, and our air conditioners. Doing seemingly simple things today can have a profound impact on our quality of life in the future.

With these simple tips, we wish you a happy Simplicity Day. And as always if you have been putting of servicing your air conditioner, there is nothing simpler than getting in touch with We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air to ensure your air conditioning system stays in great shape.

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