When your Air Conditioning system isn’t working properly and it’s hot and humid outside, it can get very uncomfortable really fast!

There are many indicators that tell us that a system is in need of AC repair, and when the “out of the ordinary” happens, we suggest you call an HVAC professional. It may be difficult for you to tell for sure whether an air conditioning problem is an emergency, but delaying service can sometimes cause more extensive damage to your system. For the best results, we recommend contacting a trusted air conditioning repair company like ours at the first signs of malfunction. That’s why it’s best to rely on an experienced air conditioning service professional to determine the extent of the repairs needed.

Signs of a faulty A/C unit may include:

  • Making strange noises
  • Not turning on
  • Unusual smells
  • Running while not blowing cold air
  • Thermostat reading an incorrect temperature