A fair question, to say the least. It’s probably a safe bet to say that most of us have some kind of heating and air conditioning system in our homes, what with the hot southern California summers and deceptively cold winters. Most heating and cooling systems are built to last a while, but not forever. Since one of the last things on our minds is when to replace or upgrade our heating and cooling systems, we decided to take care of this question here on our blog.

So, when should you go about replacing your heating and cooling system? Well, we may not be able to give you a set date, but we can give you a list of some of the signs that your system is nearing its last leg.

First off, if your heat pump or air conditioner is 10 years old then it’s time to look into replacing it. Even if the components themselves are in good working condition, the system is not nearly as energy-efficient as the new ones today, so upgrading to a more energy-efficient system can save you bundles on your monthly utility bills.

Another good sign to keep an eye out for is how often your equipment needs maintenance or repairs. If things are breaking more and more often, that it’s probably a good idea to upgrade. Same with if your energy bills have been creeping up. The older a system gets, the less efficient they begin to run and the higher your energy bill gets.

Having uneven cooling or heating throughout your home is another sign that it may be time to think about getting a new system, or at the very least, having your current system looked at and maintenance.

Either way, with the continued advancements in technology, it’s probably a good idea to look into having your system upgraded at least every decade – the money saved in utility bills alone would be more than worth it.

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