Keeping your heating and air conditioning system well maintained is something that we all should be doing, but most of us aren’t. Like any other piece of machinery that’s used on a regular or semi-regular basis, air conditioners need regular tune-ups and repairs. Many large and expensive problems start out as small problems or issues that can be easily repaired or fixed; however, if left unchecked, these small problems can quickly turn into large ones requiring an expensive repair or replacement.

When an air conditioner is left without regular maintenance, small decreases inefficiency, both in cooling power and energy usage, start adding up and compounding each other, ultimately causing the whole system to work harder for fewer results. Some common signs of an undermaintained air conditioner are trouble maintaining the temperature within the home, constantly running to maintain that temperature, and increased energy bills.

There are steps you can take at home to help maintain your air conditioner, increasing its life-cycle and efficiency in the process. The easiest and most effective of them is making sure you change or clean the air filters regularly – they get dirty and clogged up, causing a decrease in overall airflow. Another good tip is making sure you clear away any obstructions from the outside unit, such as newspapers, leaves, etc.

While there are steps you can take on your own to keep up to date on your air conditioning maintenance, your best bet is having professional AC maintenance. In the spring they will look at your air conditioner to make sure it is ready for the demand that summer will bring and again in the fall to ensure your furnace and heating system is ready for the dark and cold nights of winter.

Maintenance is important and isn’t something that should be overlooked or taken lightly. When caught in time, small issues and problems can be fixed and repaired before they escalate and compound, requiring an expensive replacement.

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