When your air conditioning system is running efficiently, you don’t really hear too much noise from it. However, when there’s an issue with it, it likely comes along with an annoying noise. Being able to identify the cause of that noise can allow you to fix the issue or call in a professional to do so to get your air conditioner back to normal.


Whenever you hear a buzzing noise coming from your air conditioning system, it’s likely an indication that there’s an electrical issue. The most common culprits tend to be the condenser fan motor, the contactor relay switch, and loose wiring throughout the system. Before you attempt to do any sort of electrical work on your air conditioning system, it’s highly advisable to shut it off at the breaker. In addition, unless you’re highly experienced at both electrical work and knowledgeable about air conditioning systems, it’s usually best to leave this issue up to the professionals to fix.


If you’re hearing a distinctive hissing noise coming from your air conditioning system, it’s typically an indication that you have a leak. Your air conditioning system is leaking out refrigerant somewhere along the copper tubing or the coils that the refrigerant runs through. Due to the harsh nature of refrigerants, it’s important to seek assistance from an air conditioning professional right away. They will take care of identifying the leak, fixing the hole, and recharging your refrigerant level so that it goes back to normal.


Your air conditioning system works as a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air inside of your home. This moisture moves down the drain and into the drainpipe. It’s not uncommon for the drain or the drainpipe to become partially or fully closed due to dirt, debris, and hard water buildup.

When this happens, you’ll hear a bubbling noise from your indoor air conditioning unit. This is simply the result of too much water trying to drain without enough space to do so. To remedy this issue, you want to shut off your air conditioning unit. Go ahead and work to clear the clog out of the drain. A 50/50 solution of bleach and water can be a great substance to help unclog your system.

Squealing Noise

A common noise that most homeowners will experience at some point from their air conditioning system is squealing. This is typically the result of a worn-out belt for one of the fans inside of your ignition system. You’ll simply need to locate where exactly the squealing is coming from as there are multiple fans inside of your system.

It’s typically easy to listen to the noise and identify whether it’s coming from the inside unit or the outside unit. Once you identify where the noise is coming from, go ahead and turn off your air conditioning system at the circuit breaker for your safety. You’ll want to assess the belt for the fan that you believe is having the problem. If you notice strands of the belt are coming off, it’s an indication that the belt needs to be replaced. Depending on your experience, you may either replace the belt yourself or contact an air conditioning professional to do it for you.

Banging Noise

One alarming noise that your system makes is a banging sound. When this happens, it’s very likely that there’s a broken or loose part inside of your unit. Typically, when a part is loose inside of your system, it will make more of a light rattling sound. In most cases, once you locate the loose part of your air conditioning system, you can tighten it back up and be good to go.

However, if you’re experiencing a very loud banging noise from your air conditioning system, it’s very likely that a part has broken off. That part could be something as small as a nut flying around the inside of your unit or something as large as a fan that has busted off. Either way, it’s always best to shut off your entire air conditioning unit before opening any of the covers. This way, you do not get hit with any flying objects if your air conditioning system kicks on while you’re trying to work on it.


You may be familiar with your air conditioning system clicking when it turns on and when it shuts off. This is completely normal. However, if you notice that clicking noise continues while your air conditioning system is running, it’s an indication that something is wrong. In most cases, it’s going to be an electrical problem with one of your relays or electrical controls. Due to the nature of this problem, it’s highly recommended to contact an air conditioning professional to do the repairs for you.


If you’ve ever got something stuck in one of the spokes of your bicycle, you’ve likely experienced a thwapping noise before. When you notice that your air conditioner is making this odd noise, it’s an indication that something is stuck inside one of the fans in your system. It’s best to shut off your entire air conditioning system at the circuit breaker to ensure that it won’t turn on. Then, go ahead and evaluate the fan to see what is stuck in it. You want to remove this before turning your air conditioning system on.

Grinding Noise

One of the more costly sounds that you’ll hear from your air conditioning system is a grinding noise. This is typically an indication that the compressor unit is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. Your compressor unit has many different parts inside of it that help to compress the refrigerant. When these parts start to become worn out, they start to grind together. You should consult an air conditioning professional to ensure that your compressor is the root of the problem before replacing it because your compressor is a costly fix.


If you have a fairly old home air conditioning system, you may experience a clunking noise from time to time. This noise indicates that the motor inside of your system needs to be lubricated so that it can work correctly. If you plan on lubricating your motor yourself, make sure that you shut your unit off at the circuit breaker; you’ll be working with a high-voltage system. If you’re not familiar with doing this, it’s best to defer to an air conditioning professional who can handle the lubrication for you and ensure that it gets done correctly.


If you notice a faint whistling noise when you’re walking through certain rooms of your home, it’s likely an indication that you have a leak in your ductwork. When your ductwork undergoes major leaks, it will produce a whistling sound as the air pressure changes. If you have access to the area where your ductwork is leaking, you can remedy the problem by using foil tape specifically designed for ductwork. If the area where you suspect the leak is at is not readily available to you, you’ll need to call in an air conditioning professional who can seal up your ductwork for you with their specialized equipment.

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