Most of us can’t wait for the hot summertime weather to finally return. However, once it does, you start to realize just how much you use your air conditioning system. As with most devices, your air conditioning system will experience malfunctions from time to time. Understanding what the most common malfunctions are can allow you to quickly assess the problem and provide an adequate solution.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common issues that you’re probably dealing with at least once throughout the summertime is a dirty air filter in your air conditioning system. There is at least one air filter in your system that works to remove unwanted debris from the air inside of your home. Over time, the debris will clog the air filter and render it useless.

When this happens, your air conditioning system has to work much harder to try to push air through the air filter. In addition, it’s very likely that your system will stop producing adequate cold air due to the obstruction of the filter. It’s best to plan on replacing your air filter once a month during the summertime season.

Low Refrigerant Level

An essential component of your air conditioning system is the refrigerant. This is the solution that removes heat from the inside of your home and moves it to the outdoors. When your refrigerant level gets low, your air conditioning system is unable to produce a large quantity of cold air.

If you start to notice that your air conditioning system is lacking when it comes to the cold air department, you may want to check your refrigerant level. It’s best to contact a professional to handle the recharging of the refrigerant as it can be a dangerous substance when not handled properly.

Vent Obstructions

In order to deliver cold air throughout your entire home, the air will travel through your ductwork and vents that are located in each room. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t typically think about your vents too often. This can result in putting unwanted obstructions in front of the vents in your home.

For example, if you decide to rearrange the furniture in your living room, you may accidentally put the recliner in front of the supply vent. As your air conditioning system naturally works, it will force cold air out through the vent. However, the vent will be obstructed by the recliner and won’t allow free airflow into the room.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you have a vent obstruction is that your rooms aren’t getting as cold as you need them to. You will want to walk around all your vents and make sure that there’s a free flow of air in front of and around the vents. Also, make sure that the grates are in an open position, allowing free-flowing air to move out of the vent.

AC Grille Debris Build-Up

Your air conditioning system has an outdoor unit called a condenser unit. This unit is located fairly close to your house on a concrete slab and is covered by a metal AC grill cover. The grille cover has grated vents cut into it that help to allow the heat to disperse from the unit.

Due to the nature of your condenser unit being outside, it’s naturally exposed to all of the elements. It’s not uncommon for loose debris like twigs and leaves to get blown up against the AC grille cover. When this happens, it blocks the vents in the cover and can restrict the ability of the condenser unit to do its job. It’s necessary to clear out any loose debris that is surrounding the outdoor condenser unit.

Indoor Water Leaks

If you have a popular split system air conditioning system, then you have an indoor unit. Inside of this indoor unit, there is a drainpipe and a drain that helps to remove the water that is pulled out of the humid air. Over time, it’s not uncommon for the drain pipe or the drain to become clogged with loose debris or hard water scaling.

When this happens, you’ll notice a water leak on the floor by your unit. This is because there is nowhere for the water to drain out of your indoor unit, so it just backs up inside of it. You’ll need to clean up the water and clear the clog out of the drainpipe or the drain in order to get your system back up and running correctly.

Faulty Thermostat

Your air conditioner thermostat is the main part of your system that tells it what to do. When your thermostat goes bad, it’s unable to signal to the rest of your air conditioning system what it needs to do. A faulty thermostat can have many different indicators that you need to be aware of.

The most obvious sign of a faulty thermostat is when the display screen won’t turn on. It’s best to throw in a new set of batteries to see if that is the issue before purchasing a new thermostat. Another common sign of a malfunctioning thermostat is when the thermostat is not reading the correct temperature. You want to verify this inaccuracy with another thermometer inside of your home before replacing the thermostat.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Another common issue that most homeowners deal with at some point throughout the summer is frozen evaporator coils. When this happens, your air conditioning system is unable to produce cold air. There are many different things that can cause a frozen evaporator coil in your system.

The most common culprit is the restriction of airflow due to a dirty filter. When there’s not enough airflow going over your evaporator coil, it’s unable to heat up to an appropriate level. This causes the coil to freeze over. You could also experience a restriction in the airflow of your system due to a faulty air handler. Once you identify the culprit of your frozen evaporator coils and fix it, you’ll need to give your system a couple of hours for the evaporator coils to defrost before starting it back up.

Leaky Ductwork

If you notice that your air conditioning system is not producing an adequate amount of cooling for certain rooms throughout your home, it could be the result of leaky ductwork. In most cases, you’ll notice that there is a specific room in your home that isn’t getting cold enough. This will help you to identify specifically where the leak is in your ductwork so that you can get it fixed.

It’s vital that you get your ductwork sealed up on a regular basis to help prevent these leaks from increasing your energy bill. You’ll typically need to call in an air conditioning professional to handle this job as they have specialized equipment that can reach the ductwork throughout your home. It’s very difficult for homeowners to seal their ductwork by themselves as most of the ductwork is concealed inside walls and below floors.

Honest AC Service

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