Back in August, we told you about how you can cut back on your utility bills and get paid to do it by taking advantage of discounts and credits made available through the California Energy Commission (CEC). We will here to tell you that these offers are still available, but only for a limited time.

From now till the end of the year, you have the opportunity to save up to $5,250.00 on a new HVAC system, thanks to the various credits and rebates available. Let us have another look at the pricing breakdown, just so we can get a better look at what discounts we are looking at.

The CEC is offering up to $1,300.00 in rebates – up to $1,000.00 on 16 and 13 SEER air conditioners and an additional $300.00 for homeowners with a 95% A.F.U.E. efficient variable-speed furnace.

Southern California Edison (SCE) is offering up to $1,250.00 in savings on new heating and air conditioning systems from a qualified contractor. We definitely qualify, so this offer can be yours too!

The Gas Company is also offering $200.00 for 92% A.F.U.E. or higher furnace. Combine that with the CEC’s offer, and you are looking at getting two rebates on the same furnace! Now that’s hard to beat.

The Federal Government is also offering a tax credit to homeowners of $1,500.00 for being more energy-efficient.

And last, but not least, there are the manufacturers’ rebates. Certain brands have rebates of up to $1,000.00!

With so many different rebates and credits available, now is truly the perfect time to get your heating and air conditioning system updated. Not only can you receive up to $5,250.00 in rebates and tax credits, but also you will get to lower your monthly utility costs substantially, in some cases up to 50%! With an offer like this, you cannot go wrong. That is, you cannot go wrong if you act fast. 2011 is right around the corner, and these offers end with New Year’s Eve.