The problem of mold inside of a residence

Research and numerous studies have established that molds are responsible for a wide range of health hazards that vary in severity and intensity. In order to curb these hazardous effects, one needs to eliminate every form of mold growth in the home. So how do you achieve total elimination of molds? The answer to these is simple, you should consider the conditions that promote the growth of molds, and by controlling these conditions you can directly reduce the rate of mold growth in your home.

Reducing mold by maintaining the HVAC system

Having a fully-functional HVAC system can discourage the growth of molds. Molds have the ability to grow just about anywhere provided there is moisture and water.

There is a myriad of factors that can catalyze indoor mold growth. Leaky roofs, plumbing problems, and improper drying of floors are included. However, the single most significant contributor to mold growth in the home is insufficient ventilation. Inadequate ventilation results in moisture build-up which in turn accelerates mold growth.

In order to reduce the rate and amount of mold growth in the home one needs to make sure that the HVAC and general air conditioning system in the house is working properly. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to clean and seal your home’s ventilation. It’s been established that in places where ventilation is poorest mold colonies tend to develop faster. Rooms that are extremely air-tight have a tendency of experiencing mold problems mostly during the warmer months whereas those that are drafty experience this problem during the cooler months.

Solving for mold growing in residential ventilation

So is there a universal solution to this mold problem? Luckily there is, the answer to the mold menace lies in HVAC system maintenance and air duct cleaning. A HVAC system that is in good condition helps to curb mold growth by reducing the amount of moisture present in the closed spaces of the home through proper air circulation. The HVAC system should also have a good filtration material to guard against the circulation of dusty air, which helps to prevent condensation that is responsible for the creation of moisture, a major culprit in promoting mold growth.

So the next time you are experiencing mold problems in your home, just check that your HVAC system is working properly, or better yet make sure that your HVAC system is periodically serviced.

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