Homeowners now have a new choice in HVAC installation that will help to cut energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment. This revolutionary new product is the SunSource Home Energy System models XC21/XP21 and XC17/XP17, which are available from a leading local air conditioning company such as WC Heating & Air Conditioning. While the first SunSource model combined a heat pump with a single solar panel to increase efficiency, these new models use as many as 15 roof-mounted solar modules to create heating, cooling, and more. Homeowners can even send surplus energy back to the utility company for credit.

Even if the customer is not ready for a complete solar air conditioner installation, they can still see instant benefits from this solar-ready product. The SunSource air conditioners are energy efficient and extremely durable, which will cut back on air conditioner maintenance costs. Then whenever they are ready to go solar, customers can install as many solar modules on their roof paneling system as they desire. The WC Heating & Air Conditioning Company can install between one and 15 solar modules and more can be added later on as budget allows.

When considering the HVAC installation costs for SunSource, one must also consider that utility incentives and tax credits can cover as much as 94 percent of the total price of purchase and installation. Homeowners will also generate continuous savings or revenue by creating more surplus power as they add more solar panels. The extra energy that is not used to power the heating and cooling system can be used to power various appliances in the home, and any surplus energy after that can be sent back to the utility company in exchange for credit.

In an age where environmental concerns are at the forefront and utility costs continue to rise, solar air conditioner installation just makes sense.

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