Are you living in Wildomar and searching for tricks on how to take care of your AC filters? If so, this review will offer some tips that can help you clean and maintain your air filters accordingly. Prior to cleaning your AC filter, you should first check to ensure that the filter you are having is intended to be reused and cleaned rather than one which is intended to be disposed of and replaced. If your filter is intended to be cleaned as well as reused, apply the following tips when taking care of it.

Turn your AC unit off and carefully remove its filter. You should then suck grit and dirt from your filter using a vacuum cleaner.

How to Take Care of your AC Filter

Tip#1: Utilizing a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean your Filter

Unclip your filter or pop it out and suck any present dust and grit on it using your vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner should only be utilized for routine cleaning of the filters.

Tip#2: Deep Cleaning your Filter

If you notice that dirt is still accumulated on your filter even after vacuuming it, try to deep clean it. Deep cleaning your filter will need you to rinse the item on a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in order to attain desirable cleaning outcomes.

Submerge the filter in the resulting mixture for about 60 minutes. After the lapse of the time period, drain the solution and carefully dry your filter before you place it back on your AC unit.

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  • Considering our AC Repair or Maintenance Services Means your Unit is Insured
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Bottom Line

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