Summer AC Maintenance

There is no underestimating the importance of air conditioning in Temecula when the summer rolls around and the desert heat encroaches on this beautiful Southern California valley. Experts recommend servicing your air conditioning unit at least annually before the summer hits and doing the same for your heating unit before the winter. Menifee air conditioning technicians can help you foresee AC troubles before they become bigger problems that require an emergency solution that will inevitably be costly and inconvenient.

Today is an ideal time to call your local Murrieta air conditioning specialists for a routine maintenance service package. They can make sure everything is properly installed and clean out the system to eliminate any dirt that may eventually cause the unit to fail. Not only does this lengthen the life of the system, though. Routine maintenance can also improve the energy efficiency and capacity of a Lake Canyon air conditioning unit so you can lower costs, reduce environmental impact and increase your personal comfort.

The best solution for maintaining your air conditioning in Temecula and the surrounding areas is to purchase a Preferred Customer Service Agreement. This will save money over time since the price of your contract will be guaranteed and you will receive a 10 percent discount on any repairs that you may need in the future. These service agreements also come with preferred customer status, which means you never have to wait more than 48 hours to receive the air conditioning service once you call.

There are many maintenance measures that your Temecula air conditioning experts can take to ensure you have a high-functioning system for years into the future. Cleaning or replacing air filters, listening for unusual sounds, ensuring proper airflow, cleaning humidifier reservoirs, and maintaining the parts can go a long way. So call your Menifee, Murrieta, and Lake Canyon air conditioning experts today to get started on your maintenance routine.

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