It’s about time the weather warms up! I was afraid the cold season would linger around like a friend who’s oblivious to the fact that they’ve overstayed their welcome. While the increased temperature will bring more daylight hours and fun in the sun, it will also be bringing with it the need to run the air conditioner to keep things comfortable inside, and now is the perfect time to make sure your air ducts are clean and up for the task.

There’s a lot of stuff that can build up in air ducts over time. Dust, debris, lint, and even mold, and even insects have all been found inside neglected air ducts, and they can all play an impact on your health, as well as how well your air and heating system operate. Having dirty or clogged air ducts causes a loss in air pressure, making the whole system work harder to push the air around – not to mention that the air itself will contain particles of whatever is building up/growing inside the ducts.

Luckily for you, and anyone living with you, we’re here to help with our professional air duct cleaning services. We can make sure your air ducts don’t look like the one above, but instead look like this.

One of the main reasons why the air quality inside your house can be worse than the air outside is because of what’s being circulated in it. By ensuring your air ducts are clean, you can make the air inside your home cleaner and healthier at the same time.