A dirty air filter is the #1 reason for most HVAC system failures. A dirty air filter doesn’t allow air to pass through it so easily, if at all, and causes additional strain on the fan motor for the air handler. Over time the strain builds up and can cause the air handler motor to fail, causing your system to overheat and ultimately suffer the same fate.

Before it slowly chokes your air conditioning system, a dirty air filter will increase your utility and power bills. Since it’s preventing proper airflow, it’s forcing your fan motor to work harder to achieve the same results, eating up more and more power in the process.

As if eating up money and slowly killing your air conditioning system wasn’t enough, a dirty air filter actually causes air ducts inside your home to get dirty faster. With the buildup of dust and debris comes more opportunity for mold and bacteria to grow, ultimately lowering the overall quality of the air inside your home, as well as possibly having an effect on your overall health.

The point is, there are several reasons why you should keep on top of your air filter. Make sure it is cleaned regularly. Not only will it help increase the overall lifespan of your system, but it will help keep your bills down.