Noises coming from plumbing pipes can be startling and even annoying. They are usually associated with plumbing malfunction and serious plumbing issues. To silence these pipes, you need to identify the type of noise that the pipes are making. You also need to identify the cause of the noise. Some of the types of noises that plumbing pipes make include:

  • Whistling noises
  • Vibrating noises
  • Ticking noises
  • Hammering noises

Below are some of the causes of these noises.

1. A Water Hammer

A water hammer can make your pipework noisy. For instance, it can cause bangs and thuds within your plumbing pipework. These noises can be alarming and likely to occur after turning off a water appliance or a faucet.

A water hammer is likely to occur when the protection system of your pipework starts to fail. For instance, it is likely to occur when the air chambers that are usually installed near taps stop working. When this happens, water replaces the air that is usually held in these chambers. When there is no air in these chambers, water is likely to crash into valves, causing the thudding noise. A water hammer can also occur after the water inside plumbing pipes bangs against the pipe walls. You can stop a water hammer from occurring by resetting your water system’s air chambers. Do the following to reset these air chambers.

  • Close the main water shut-off valve
  • Ensure that the highest faucet in your house is turned on
  • Ensure that the lowest faucet in the house is turned on
  • Drain all your plumbing pipes
  • Turn on the main-water shut-off valve
  • Allow water to come out of all the taps
  • Turn off your water taps

If resetting the air chambers of your plumbing system does not resolve the issue, you should let us fix it. We will install a water hammer arrestor and a spring-loaded shock absorber in the pipes to fix this issue.

2. Trapped Air in the Plumbing Pipes

Air can get trapped in your plumbing pipes if your water line has some issues. This air can make your plumbing pipes produce some banging sounds after you turn a faucet on. You may also hear a bubbling noise coming out of your pipes due to this. Our plumbers can help you fix this issue.

3. Clogged Pipes

Your plumbing pipes may produce gurgling sounds as water is passing through them. These sounds usually indicate that there is an obstruction in the plumbing pipes. The obstruction may consist of built-up soap scum, debris, or items that were accidentally washed down your drain. Hard water deposits that usually get attached to the sides of a pipe and minerals can also clog your pipes. To ensure that no noise is heard when water passes through your plumbing pipes, you should let us clean your plumbing pipes.

4. Loose Hanging Pipes

If you often hear rattling sounds coming out of your plumbing pipes, your pipes are probably not fitted correctly. Some of them may be hanging loosely behind your walls or ceiling. That can be a result of poor pipe installation or pipes that have become loose over time. Such pipes are likely to start swaying or moving as water runs through them, producing some noise. To stop this noise, you should let us fix the pipework.

When you request us to fix it, we will look for the pipework in the house and tighten bolts to hold the pipes in place. We will also replace any worn-out fixtures that may be making your plumbing pipes hang loosely.

5. Expanding Copper Pipework

Copper is a malleable and durable metal, and people are now using it to make plumbing pipes. These pipes have replaced steel and lead pipes. However, the pipes contract and often expand due to temperature changes.

When these pipes expand or contract, they might produce some noise. For instance, if your plumbing pipes are made from copper, they may produce some noise after hot water passes through them. The noise is usually a result of expanding copper pipes that rub against the support structures in your home.

You should not be concerned about the noises produced by expanding copper pipework since copper can handle such stress. However, if the noise is annoying, you should insulate the pipes using foam rubber. This foam rubber will help ensure that your plumbing pipes do not rub against other surfaces when they expand. If the pipes are behind drywall, you can request as to install the insulation for you. Lowering the temperature of the hot water passing through your copper pipes can also help reduce the noise.

6. High Water Pressure

When the water pressure passing through your pipes is too high, your plumbing pipes are likely to produce some humming noise. This noise will occur because water is being forced to pass through the pipework too quickly. You are likely going to hear this sound if you use well water in your home.

To stop this noise, always ensure that the pressure of the water passing through your pipework is less than 1.5 bar. You can ensure this by constantly checking the pressure meter. If you notice that the pressure is too high, adjust the pressure regulator to reduce the pressure. We can help you identify where your pressure meter and regulator are located. You should also ensure that your water tank is not set at 55 pound-force per square inch or higher.

Loose or Worn-Out Hardware Pieces

Plumbing systems have hardware pieces and parts that enable the system to function properly. If these parts or hardware pieces become worn out or lose, you will likely hear some whining sound coming from your plumbing pipes. For instance, you are likely to hear this kind of noise if a piece of hardware near a washing machine or dishwasher becomes worn out. To stop this noise, you should let us tighten or replace the loose or worn-out pieces of hardware.

Fixing Loud Noises in Plumbing Pipes

Your plumbing pipes can start making some noise due to several issues. However, the above list covers the most common causes of noisy plumbing pipes. If your pipes are making some noise, you should get in touch with us. When you contact us, we will come to your home and identify the cause of the noise in your pipework. We will also fix any issues related to the noisy pipework and hence stop the noise.

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