You might be a capable do-it-yourself person, and you likely know your way around a drain and a faucet. But, when it comes to plumbing dangers in Murrieta, CA, some things are better off left to an expert.

At We Care, our plumbers go through extensive training and certification programs to ensure our customers’ best quality. As you might rightly guess, we see individuals who’ve tried to save on costs by attempting to fix plumbing issues themselves, only to end up with far costlier issues that they could have avoided had they called a professional in the first place.

In most cases, attempting to finish a plumbing project using DIY tricks could be very dangerous. From your friends at We Care, here are the top examples of plumbing problems you should NEVER try to fix without a trusty professional.

1. Water Leaks

Leaking water pipes is never a good thing. If you have a burst pipe anywhere in your household, then you shouldn’t try to fix it. It should be left to the experts.

To save water (and sleepless nights!), call in an authorized plumber to inspect the damage and take care of things. Whether pipe leaks are inside or outside your home, the landlord or homeowner is responsible. If you’re in southern California, We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is at your service, and our plumbers can take a look and decided the best way to fix your problem the soonest.

2. Broken Pipes

Fixing a broken pipe is another thing that you shouldn’t do, no matter how smart a DIY-er you are. A cracked pipe could have jagged edges that could slice through your skin and result in an infection. Also, broken pipes contain lead or any hazardous substances on them.

Coming into contact with such materials could lead to significant breathing difficulties or other health dangers. If you catch a broken pipe in your residence, turn off the water from the mains and wait for a plumber to come over. It is also wise to quarantine small kids or pets until the issue has been resolved so that they aren’t exposed to a potentially dangerous site.

3. Water Heater Issues

The internet is the hub of all kinds of information, but don’t let it convince you that you can tackle a water heater issue on your own. Fixing a water heater on your own could cost you way more than if you simply had contacted an expert. It is a dangerous situation to put yourself in, especially if you are handling an electronic water heater. If you are working with a gas heater, it could be even more dangerous. An explosion could harm not only yourself but also those around your vicinity.

4. Clogged Sewer Line

Unblocking your sewer line is not a typical DIY project. Even if you can get to your sewer line, you will still require specific tools that you probably don’t have.

Trying to fix a clogged sewer pipe without professional aid could lead to a catastrophe. If not unblocked correctly, it can lead to sewage floods, which can cause severe damage to your household and pose significant health hazards.

5. Gas Appliances Installation

Always call in a qualified plumber to install gas appliances. Again, this is your duty as the landlord or homeowner. Make sure you ascertain the credentials of your gas engineer before you let them handle any job.

Remember, that if you mount a gas appliance without having the appropriate qualifications, you are posing a severe risk to the health of people living in your property. You will be held accountable and punishable for anything that happens, so don’t take this responsibility and rely on our experts.

On top of this, you are also discrediting your warranty. Life is too short to stress over regular home installations. Always contact a qualified gas engineer or plumber to install your gas appliances. If you’re in Murrieta, choose ‘Angie’s List Super Service Award’ winner to install your gas appliances.

6. Gas Leaks & Related Gas Issues

If you notice a gas leak or smell gas, then don’t panic. It’s best to hold your calm and call the 24-hour National Gas Emergencies hotline. Be sure to call outside your property when doing this.

Since gas can ignite and explode in an instant, it’s an extremely hazardous and emergency scenario, even without you attempting to fix it.

In a gas leak situation, here’s what you should do:

  • Open all doors and windows
  • Power off the gas supply at the mains
  • Contact the National Gas Emergencies at 0800 111 999
  • Evacuate the property
  • Wait outside your home for gas engineers to arrive

What you should NOT do:

  • Smoke or use any bare flame inside or adjacent the building
  • Use mobile phones, electronic devices, or anything that could spark
  • Turn switches on or off

As for other gas issues, keep in mind that it is illegal to handle gas if you are not certified, and you could even face a jail sentence for hiring an unqualified individual. The good news is, checking your plumber’s qualification is easier than you think. You can locate a gas engineer or check an entity on the Gas Safe Register. Immediately after they arrive, remember to ask to check their Gas Safe Identification Card.

7. Boiler Problems

There are many issues you could face with your boiler. And at We Care in Murrieta, we’ve encountered them all.

If you find yourself lifting the case of your boiler, then don’t do it. Only an authorized person should do this job. The very process of finding out what has caused your problem is hazardous. For a qualified plumber, though, it might take minutes to sort out. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way trying to identify or worsen the boiler problem; dial the phone to an EPA-lead certified plumber to get back up.

8. Water Pressure Valve Issues

Homeowners like to test out every aspect of their house, as they should; however, there’s the correct way to do this.

You’re likely to test out your water pressure valve every so often. The procedure is done to determine the pressure of the water as well as its temperature. Like all the things on this list, this could be extremely dangerous and cost you lots of money.

When you manhandle your pressure valve, a lot of things could go wrong. The water pipes could burst and splash boiling water on your body, causing burns. It is crucial then that you call a qualified plumber that can locate the faulty valve’s whereabouts and how to test it correctly.

Call a Professional Today

Trying to fix any plumbing problems yourself might be tempting, but it is essential to avoid projects that you lack experience and expertise to tackle. You will save yourself the pain of even severe plumbing issues caused by a shoddy plumbing job.

If you are looking for plumbing experts in Murrieta, to help fix a plumbing issue, the We Care Team is just a phone call away! We boast over 20 years of experience, so trust us to help you install new pipes, put in new boilers, or promptly fix a backed-up sewer. We also provide water & sewer line inspections, tankless water heaters, drain cleaning services, high pressure jetting, water softeners, gas line repairs, and more. Call us today for expert plumbing advice.

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