When is it time to replace your AC system? Unlike changing the furniture and transforming the style of your home, the decision on replacing your AC system is a long-term investment that impacts your life and lifestyle. It adds to the comfort and enjoyment of your home much like a comfortable recliner. An air conditioner that is not operating efficiently can make you uncomfortable in unseen ways and become an increasing nuisance.

An air conditioner lasts for around 10 years and, depending on wear and tear and how well-maintained it is, it may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. But even if your system is under 10 years old, there are other reasons to replace your AC including energy efficiency, saving you money, and enhancing the comfort level of your home. We Care is Fallbrook’s most reliable Heating and Air conditioning company. We are qualified in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of HVAC systems.

AC Repair in Fallbrook

With the recent Southern California Wildfires that affected the Fallbrook area. You may find that your HVAC shows signs of slowing down. We recommend having a thorough inspection after a disaster like a wildfire. Particulates in the air after the scourge of smoke and ash can overwhelm the machinery of your HVAC and clog the working parts, causing damage that can shorten the life of your unit. We Care can assess the condition of your AC and recommend repair or replacement. We also offer comprehensive tune-ups to get your AC running at its best.

AC Replacement in Fallbrook

There are other valid reasons to take the leap and invest in a new AC system even if it does not seem to be in disrepair. If you plan to remodel your home, it may be a good idea to have your AC customized to fit with the new remodeling.

For instance, if you have central air and a duct system, you could upgrade to a heat pump system. If you are adding on rooms and don’t want to add more air ducts, a ductless mini-split is an excellent option. Even if you retain your older system, you can install mini-splits in the additional rooms or areas.

An inefficient AC could cost more than replacing it. A newer, high-efficiency system can save you money on your electric bills and pay for itself in no time. We Care technicians and installers are the best in their field, NATE certified and experienced in the installation of most brands on the market. We can help you choose the best route for your situation.

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Author Bio: Rusty Cochran

Rusty Cochran - President of We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air ConditioningRusty Cochran is the President of We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. We Care began humbly, operating in his family’s living room. Under Rusty’s strong leadership, We Care has grown from 2 employees to over 200 employees. We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air has gained recognition across the HVAC industry, receiving numerous awards and certifications, including being named the ACCA Contractor of the Year, The Map Presidential Award several times, Angie’s List Super Service Award, NATE certification, and multiple Dave Lennox Awards. LinkedIn Profile

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