There is no mistaking the symptoms of a backed-up drain. Your kitchen and bathroom pipes may be backing up and disgorging all kinds of nasty stains and odors. This is a serious health hazard if not dealt with in time. The best way to avoid this kind of unpleasant incident is to call on the services of a professional drain cleaner.

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Why Do You Need to Clean Your Drains?

There are many reasons why we recommend cleaning your drains regularly. This may be a dirty job but it’s an action that will help to prevent an even nastier and costlier mess. Cleaning your drains on a set schedule will help to extend the life of your plumbing pipes, fixtures, and sinks.

The more often you clean your drains, the less often you will have to worry about the effects of a potential backup. A clean drain is one that encounters no obstructions and is therefore never clogged. This means that it will drain properly without leaving behind any stains, odors, or excess debris. An unpleasant cleanup is thus avoided.

Keep in mind that a large volume of debris goes through your shower, toilet, kitchen, and bathroom sinks daily. This is a lot of traffic for your drains to have to deal with. Over time, this debris can back into your sinks, leaving them full of grease, food, hair, soap scum, and worse.

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

Drain cleaning should be a regular part of your household plumbing maintenance routine. It’s an excellent idea to call an expert local plumbing service to schedule cleaning on an annual basis. Annual cleaning will ensure that your plumbing lines and drains will stay clean. This will also ensure that debris never gets a chance to clog up your system.

This is a routine that you should stick to even if your drains don’t seem to need it. Keep in mind that a block can form at any time, particularly when you don’t expect it. Yearly cleaning will ensure that the chances of encountering a nasty surprise will stay as low as possible. This will save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

You can help to guarantee proper drainage by paying close attention to what you put in them. Make sure that you aren’t leaving behind excess amounts of food or other particles after you have finished. The less material you introduce into your drains, the less worry you will have about encountering a potentially blocked system.

When Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Have you been noticing lately that your drains have been moving slower than normal? This may well be due to a blockage that is forming or is already solidly in place. If this is the case, cleaning out the drain is necessary. The backup may be due to a blockage in the line due to obstacles in one or more of the drains in your home.

If the backup persists, you will need to call a professional drain cleaner. The time to do so is when you observe that your drains keep clogging even after you have removed the excess matter. This is a sign that there is an issue that is beyond your ability to fix with normal maintenance. The problem may well be lying deep within the pipes.

You may notice an excessive amount of water backing up in your sink or shower after you have flushed your toilet. If this is the case, it is probably due to an abnormal amount of air being trapped in the lines. This is an issue that will require cleaning, flushing, or draining of your drains by a trained service professional.

It may be that all of the drains in your home are clogged. Or they may simply have stopped flowing altogether. This may be a symptom that points to a major clog or some other type of damage in your main sewer pipe. A licensed plumber will need to look into your sewer line in order to find the source of the issue and repair it.

In short, a sewage backup of any kind, whether in your sinks or drains, is an issue that can quickly develop into a full-blown emergency. This is the time at which you need to call a plumber. You don’t want your family or pets to be exposed to harmful sewer gases and other unpleasant sights and smells.

Never Use Any Kind of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Homeowners are strongly advised against making use of chemical drain cleaners to solve backup and clogging issues. The toxins within the cleaning formulas themselves are known to cause serious harm to the environment. Even the bottles they come in can have a negative effect on the landfills they all too frequently end up in.

Many types of chemical drain cleaning products have the unfortunate side effect of eating away at pipes from the inside. This leads straight to corrosion, which in turn leads to leaks, cracks, and eventual breaks. Once this occurs, you are looking at footing the bill for a whole new set of drain pipes.

It’s also true that chemical drain cleaners can interrupt the natural sewage breakdown processes that are regulated by the presence of bacteria. If this should happen, the ability of your sewer to deal with waste may be severely compromised.

Why Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate. You may be focused on getting the funds to pay off your mortgage, car bill, and other expenses. Having to set time and money aside to deal with clogged drains is probably not the first priority on your list. However, if a drain clog appears, it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

You may or may not have the skills to handle such a task. You may also not have the time to budget for a job that, without adequate tools or knowledge, may take much longer than you can spare. This is a situation that does have a perfect solution. Your best bet is to call on the services of a professional local drain cleaning specialist.

Our friendly plumbers can come to your home at any time you require our assistance. Once there, they can quickly diagnose the problem and proceed to take care of it. We can guarantee a speedy resolution to practically any problem. Afterward, we can also provide you with expert tips on how to avoid such an issue occurring again.

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