October is here and soon we will see small children running around in costumes looking for free candy and other delicious sweets. The holidays are here and there is no better time to get your holiday heating service checklist taken care of. Think of it as Spring Cleaning, only it’s in the fall and it’s for your heating system.

We all use our heaters in the fall and winter – that’s how we get by the cold holiday season without having to wear a half dozen or so layers simply to stay warm indoors. We’ll do what we can to keep the temperature inside comfortable, but at the same time, nobody wants to have their utility bills go out of control. We expect it to go up, yes, and most of us are perfectly fine with this, but did you know that you could be paying more each month on your utility bills than you have to?

Any heating company can tell you that an under-maintained furnace and heating system isn’t running as efficiently as it could, causing your utility bills to steadily climb upwards and the energy efficiency rate to lowers. You can prevent this by keeping up to date on simple and routine maintenance once or twice a year.

Residential heat isn’t something that can just be installed and forgotten about, never expecting to have to maintain the machinery or never having to take a look at it. Somehow, good portions of us simply assume that the system will run the way it was intended to indefinitely. A better way to look at it would be the same as your car – it needs regular maintenance every so often to help ensure it runs well for years to come. The same is true for your heating system.

Now is the best time to get somebody out to make sure your heating system is up to par. The seasons are changing and you won’t need either your heater or your air conditioner for a month or so. Why not take this slight downtime for your climate control equipment to make sure they’ll run smoothly and cheaply throughout the winter? Sounds like a pretty good use of time to me.

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