The one thing that we all desire, especially in the dreary winter cold, is to be able to turn on our central heating system and get the exact temperature that we want. But this is not usually the case, not because we have low-quality HVAC devices, but because we do not subject them to regular servicing. Just like the way we human beings get sick, HVAC systems may malfunction from time to time and may require repair, or simply to be checked for any functional problems.

How Long Does the Average HVAC System Last?

A common question homeowners ask, before buying any HVAC system is “how long is it expected to last?” salesmen who are quick to make a sale quickly respond to these by stating the average figure of 12-15 years. As impressive as this may sound, the salesmen forget to add the statement “with proper maintenance”. As a matter of fact, proper maintenance can push this figure to an even more impressive 20 years.

Things to do during routine central heating maintenance

Now that we have established that central heating maintenance is important towards ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC system, we explore some of the areas that need to be examined during a typical HVAC servicing.

The first thing you need to do is to check for any leaks present in the system. If any are found, you should enlist the services of an HVAC expert who will take the appropriate measures to immediately stop the leak. After checking for leaks you need to proceed and make sure that the HVAC system is draining properly. Irregular or improper drainage may subvert the whole operational mechanism of the system, and thus should be addressed with professional caution.

A good way of dealing with improper drainage is making sure that the HVAC expert condensates the tube so that it can drain freely. Lastly, you need to change your filter every six to eight weeks. As a matter of fact, having a clean filter is very helpful to those people with allergies, as it prevents the circulation of allergy agents.

Through proper and constant repair you will be able to ensure that your central heating system is always in top shape. This will make it functionally effective and will considerably increase its life span, to more than 20 years, something that will not only make your home comfortable but will also save you money.

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