Central Air Conditioning Repair Service; We all love our central air conditioning, especially in these hot summer months. Temperatures soar, we look for a cool and comfortable retreat. What about those of us who want to stay cool on a budget? Typical costs to run our AC as much as we would like can be high. Let’s cover some of our favorite tips and tricks to save costs.

Ceiling fans to reduce HVAC costs.

One of our favorites is an oldie but a goodie. We’re talking about fans. Ceiling fans, rotating fans, stationary fans, it doesn’t matter – anything that gets the air moving through the house. Moving air is naturally cooler than stagnant air, and can make a drastic difference in your budget.

Blinds and curtains to reduce HVAC costs.

Another great little trick for keeping cool on a budget is to close the blinds or curtains on windows that allow sunlight to shine in. The light heats whatever surface it comes in contact with, which can increase the temperature in your home by several degrees throughout the day. It adds up and you can definitely feel the difference.

Maintaining your central AC unit to reduce HVAC costs.

The wonderful little thing about the last two suggestions is that they don’t really require any real intervention of your HVAC systems. While these are good for those looking to cool their homes down a bit without incurring any costs at all, the best way to go about saving you money and staying cool this summer is by keeping up to date with your air conditioning maintenance.

Why perform central AC and HVAC maintenance?

Your air conditioner, like any mechanical system, gains some wear and tear over time. Parts need to be cleaned and lubricants replaced, and from time to time, parts and components need to be replaced. Keeping up on the maintenance helps ensure your entire air conditioning system runs smoother and more efficiently, allowing it to keep your home cool without racking up the high running costs many of us are used to.

Don’t ignore your equipment!

The truth of the matter is that most people neglect or postpone their AC maintenance for so long that they start spending more on running and utility costs than they would spend on the actual maintenance itself.

While keeping up on your air conditioning maintenance is good, combining it with a few other tactics will really take your cooling attempts to the next level. Increasing the insulation in your attic or crawlspaces will help keep the cool air in and the warm air out. Updating your weather stripping on windows and doors can help keep drafts out, which will help keep your treated air in. Adding insulation around your air vents will do wonders in regards to the temperature of the air that pumps out of the vents.

All in all, there are many things you can do to keep cool on a budget this summer. No matter what you wind up doing, just remember one thing – stay cool.

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