Southern California isn’t in an area where extreme weather is a problem. It is known for mild, warmer weather year-round. However, that doesn’t mean the nights don’t get chilly, requiring some comfy warmth to keep you cozy at night. When this happens, you want to have the right heating system installed in your home to provide the perfect amount of heat to make your home comfortable without being too much or too little.

We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air serves the Southern California area, providing all your heating and cooling needs. Our team of expert technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your home and then help you choose the right HVAC system to meet your specific needs and preferences.

These are the most popular HVAC system options to consider when choosing the best kind of heating system for your Murrieta, CA, home:

Gas Furnace

If your house is located more inland, you will find that the nights can get significantly colder. This is especially true if your home is a larger one. For this type of dwelling, a gas furnace is a good choice. Gas furnaces produce warm air based on the settings you program in by using the thermostat, which is then distributed throughout your home via ductwork. This keeps all areas of the house evenly heated. Because gas furnaces heat your home quickly and consistently, they are perfect for providing warmth and comfort on even the coldest nights. In fact, the colder the weather, the more efficiently this type of heating system performs.

A gas furnace can also be a smart choice if your home has a very effective air conditioner and you are not interested in removing it and installing a heat pump.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps do exactly what the name implies: they carry heat between two areas. They work great for both heating and cooling your home. During cold weather, the heat pump collects warmth from the outside air to use inside your home. Most people don’t know that this is how a heat pump works because they don’t realize that there is actually heat energy that can be extracted from the cold outdoor air.

The heat pump operates via electricity. They’re exceptionally efficient because they do not have to manufacture heat; they only move it from one place to another. This not only makes them energy-efficient and cost-effective, but it also means they are far more eco-friendly than other types of heating systems.

In warm weather when your house needs to be cooled down, the heat pump reverses action to remove the heated air from inside your home. The dual-function, low energy, and efficient year-round results make the heat pump a very popular choice for Southern California homes.

Ductless Heating System

If you have a home that requires heat in only a limited space, then a ductless heating system is perfect for your needs. This type of system works well in larger houses where some of the rooms are not used and therefore don’t need to be heated. It also works great for smaller houses that are easy to heat. This type of system is placed in a wall, eliminating the need for ductwork to distribute the warm air. Placement in the wall also does away with the costly loss of energy that can occur with the use of window units.

Ductless heating systems are also the perfect answer for areas of your home where pre-existing ductwork is not installed, such as a garage, attic, basement, built-on addition, etc. If you own a multifamily apartment building, ductless systems allow tenants to control their own heating and cooling needs and tie them to their own power bills.

Dual Fuel Systems

This type of heating system utilizes both of the main forms of heating systems previously discussed: the gas furnace and the heat pump. The technology applies a combination of the steady heating action of a gas furnace with the heating and cooling performance provided by a heat pump.

The dual-fuel system works by keeping up with your home’s heating and cooling needs. The HVAC system’s switch point between the gas furnace and the heat pump can be controlled by either the thermostat or by an alternate control system.

When the weather is chilly, the refrigerant (cooling) flow of the heat pump is reversed to provide heated air throughout your home. In this type of system, if it is determined that the demand for heat is greater than the electric heat pump’s heating capacity setting, the heat pump will pause and allow the gas furnace to kick in so that the temperature in your home will reach the temperature that is set on your control system or thermostat.

A dual fuel system will likely decrease heating bills and operate at maximum efficiency. This is due to the fact that natural gas and electricity work at highly efficient levels during certain types of weather in specific locations – like in Southern California.

Hydronic Heating System

A hydronic heating system uses heated liquid to provide warmth for your home. The liquid is heated, distributed throughout a series of tubes, and heat is then radiated throughout the area. This type of heating system can be used with radiators, hydronic heaters located in baseboards, or in floors in order to distribute the radiating heat evenly. A type of flooring called radiant flooring can even be placed in cement foundations to provide even and thorough heating. Radiant flooring can also be installed on top of other types of flooring or prefabricated panels can be used.

Hydronic heating systems differ from other heating systems in that you can use this type of system to create a number of “zones” in your home so that the heat can be regulated. Instead of having only one means of controlling the entire heating system such as a thermostat, a hydronic heating system allows you to set different temperatures for specific areas of your home. For example, bedroom temperatures can be set lower at night when everyone is snuggled under covers.

This type of heating system provides warm, clean heat in an energy-efficient manner for your entire home. It also prevents warm or cold spots in your home.

We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air for All Your HVAC Needs

Along with the installation of your ideal home heating system, We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers a number of additional services including:

  • Heating repair, installation, and maintenance services
  • Air conditioner repair, replacement, and maintenance
  • Water treatment services and plumbing/septic tank services

Our expert technicians will help you choose the perfect heating system for your Southern California home and have it installed in no time so that you can start enjoying your home’s maximum comfort level right away.

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