Whenever you have a home, it’s bound to have a few repairs over the years. Whether it’s a leaky pipe or an outdated sink or toilet, your home probably has something that needs fixing. A lot of these problems can be fixed without calling in the pros. However, it might be time for a sewer line inspection if you notice some specific signs. Sewer line inspection is crucial because it reveals any issues with your plumbing system. This type of inspection checks everything from the exterior and interior of your house to its connection to your city’s main sewer line. Without one, you could be missing out on some major repairs that could make your life easier in the long run.

1. You’ve Recently Replaced a Sewer Line

Whether you’ve rebuilt an entire sewer line or replaced one section at a time, you should have a professional inspect the new line. New lines are often more susceptible to problems than existing lines. These problems might not be apparent in the old line, but they can still cause problems in the new line. For example, new lines are often more susceptible to cracks from excavation issues, and the new line may be subject to more inconsistent pressure from a new, smaller diameter pipe. A sewer line inspection will help identify potential issues that can be fixed before they become significant problems.

2. You Hear Strange Noises

You should have a sewer line inspection if you hear strange noises or smells from your sewer line. If the noise is due to a blockage in the line, an inspection will help you clear the blockage. If the sewer line is running at a higher than normal pressure or rupturing, it can cause vibrations or sounds in the line that you might mistake for roots or a leaky hose.

3. You See a lot of Garbage on the Street

There’s no better way to indicate that your sewer system requires repair than with a lot of garbage in the street. If you find that you regularly have large amounts of trash in your lane, it’s a good indication that your main drain is broken. This is especially likely if you live in a city with a heavy population. If you regularly find yourself cleaning up broken glass, nails, wood, and other materials that can damage your sewer lines, it’s time to schedule a sewer inspection.

4. You Smell Sewage in the Air

If you regularly smell a strong sewage odor in your home, it’s a sign that your main drain is broken. Cleaning your toilet periodically and using a garbage disposal are great ways to unclog a clogged drain. Sewage odors can also come from a leaking toilet or sink; these can be easily fixed. The best thing you can do at this point is to schedule a sewer inspection. A blocked drain can be fixed in hours.

5. You Hear a Constant Running Sound in your Attic or Basement

A constant running sound in your attic or basement signifies your broken sewer line. In many cities, this is a violation of city codes. If you regularly hear a constant sound in your home, it’s a good indication that your sewer line is damaged. You can have the sound checked out efficiently by hiring a professional drain cleaner.

6. Your Home Has an Unusual Drainage Pattern

A strange drainage pattern can indicate a potential issue with your sewer line. This issue might be due to an obstruction in your sewer line that’s causing a blockage. A blockage can occur from an accumulation of leaves, rocks, roots, or other debris in the line. A blockage can also arise from a cracked pipe or pipe worn because of its age. During a sewer line inspection, the inspector can use unique probes to examine your sewer line for potential problems.

7. You See Dropped Plugs in the Drainage System

You should have a sewer line inspection if you see dropped or lost sewer line plugs in your yard or on your property. A drop can occur due to a blockage in the drain field, a significant blockage, or a cracked pipe in the line. During an inspection, the inspector can locate and remove the lost plug and use unique probes to determine if there’s a blockage in the line.

8. Cracks in Your Home

If you see cracks in your home’s foundation, regardless of where they are, it might be time for a sewer line inspection. Cracks in a foundation often indicate that your home’s concrete or foundation is getting old. It could be weak and deteriorating or need to be replaced. However, if you also see cracks in areas that don’t seem related to your home’s age or condition, it might be worth calling a plumber to look. There could be a sign that your sewer pipe is leaking or is failing and needs immediate attention. Cracks in your walls, floors, or ceilings could indicate foundation issues. However, they could also be a sign of a sewer pipe leak.

9. Mold Growth

Mold typically grows in damp areas, like your basement. So, if you notice mold growing in your basement, it’s a sign that it’s too humid. Mold is an indoor pollutant, and it can make you sick. If you see it growing in your basement or any other damp area, it’s time to call a plumber to take care of it. It could be a sign that there’s a leak in your pipe or house plumbing system. Mold can also grow in your pipes if sewer gas or hydrogen sulfide escapes from the septic tank in your yard. This is especially likely if the soil under your house is poorly drained.

10. Low Water Levels

If your water level is below the rim of your pipes, it could indicate a leak in your system. This is especially likely if you see low water levels in one or two spots in your house. You could have a leaky pipe, but a faulty shut-off valve can also turn off the water in one area. You should have a sewer line inspection if your water level is low in one or two places in your house.

11. Higher than Normal Water Bills

If you’re paying more than usual on your water bill, it’s worth having a sewer line inspection. Often, customers will see a surge in their bill and assume that their meter needs to be read. Your water meter shows how much water you used. It’s not designed to show you the source of your bill. A sewer line inspection can identify the start of your bill spike and help you lower your bill.

If your home has a failing or clogged septic system or if the city has required you to install a new sewer line, a sewer line inspection is always a good idea. Reach out to We Care company in Temecula, CA to learn more about our indoor air quality, cooling, heating, plumbing, and water heater services. We also have offices in Murrieta and Orange, CA.

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