The air that you breathe during flu season will have a direct impact on your health. A humidifier can make it more difficult for a cold virus to thrive. Here are three reasons why you should have humidifiers in your house during the winter.

They Kill Flu Germs

Flu germs survive when the air is dry. Without any heaviness in the air, they can remain airborne, and you can inhale these particles. However, as the air gets heavier, they fall to the ground and are not able to remain in a position to sicken you. The ideal humidity level in your home is between 30% and 50%. At this level, nearly 85% of flu particles are killed off and neutralized. The humidifier can kill both small and large flu particles alike.

You Breathe Easier

When you have a cough or are congested, there is more of a chance that your weakened body can catch the flu. Humidity in the air will help you to recover from a cold faster by helping you to breathe and relieve your congestion. This will help to restore your immunity system to its peak function and can keep your resistance level higher. Dry air will usually mean that whatever you have will linger in your body for longer.

They Help Your Internal Filters

The first line of defense in your body is called cilia. These are tiny hairs that are inside of your nose that act to filter out some of the germs and impurities from the air. Again, dry air is not the optimal condition for cilia. Humidity introduces some lubrication into the air that helps your cilia to work more effectively. Then, they are better able to filter out flu particles before they can make you sick.

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