Temecula, California is teeming with green rolling hills and valleys and a wide-open, sunny sky most of the year. This tourist town is home to wine country and many beautiful golf courses. With so many things to do in Temecula from biking and hiking trails galore to hot air ballooning and wine tasting, this town has it all. Historic buildings invite tourists to explore shops and eateries in town during the many festivals that take place here. Although tourism is a catalyst for fast economic growth, many businesses and professionals call Temecula home.


The heating and cooling of businesses and homes take up the most significant percentage of energy usage than other electrical needs. With business booming and lots of new development, there is a demand for more energy to meet the needs of a growing city. Temecula residents are turning to technology to answer the challenges.


We Care Plumbing Heating and Air helps homeowners and businesses make the switch by offering cutting edge HVAC technology available using only the highest quality equipment. 


The Very Hungry HVAC

The homeowners in Temecula are committed to energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gases. They use solar power and follow green practices. But just as important as recycling, perhaps, even more, is that Very Energy Hungry HVAC humming in the background. It draws more power and causes more pollution than any other appliance in the home. Running on poisonous refrigeration technology that is decades old, outdated HVAC equipment is a significant cause of greenhouse gases, and it is expensive. Time to give it a toss.


We Care Plumbing Heating and Air provides the very best air conditioning service in the Inland Empire. Upgrading to cutting edge HVAC systems for clean, efficient energy is the smart move for the money and the environment.


Meet the New HVAC

With the rise of the new, improved HVAC, the standards for home comfort just got better. HVAC is changing as home systems begin to merge with renewable energy and efficient technology, bringing solutions to the world’s energy problems. The benefits of advanced energy-efficient HVAC are at the forefront of energy efficiency. Moreover, improvements and innovations are exploding on the scene as smart technology takes over the field. 


HVAC and Enhanced Air Quality

Contaminants that reside in the home infiltrate the air and cause respiratory and other serious health problems. The new systems consume less electricity and use more eco-friendly refrigerant. They not only heat and cool the air, but their advanced filtration, cleaners, and purifiers maintain an indoor air quality that is safe and comfortable. 



Our filtration services can filter indoor air pollutants and particles and improve airflow throughout the house. Various ratings, called MERV ratings, are used to rate the level of filtration. We can help you choose the right filter for your needs. 


Air Cleaners

Whole-home air Purifiers and cleaners integrate with your HVAC and remove common odors, kills bacteria, viruses, and allergens, keeping them out of your indoor air. 


UV Lamps

Germicidal UV lamps use ultraviolet light to zap bacteria and organisms growing inside the inner workings and drain pans of your HVAC unit, protecting your home’s air supply.


Humidity control

High humidity allows harmful biological contaminants like dust mites to thrive. A house that is too dry causes a host of issues, including allergies and dry skin. A whole-home humidifier/dehumidifier will monitor your humidity levels and keep the humidity just right.


Duct cleaning

Our air duct cleaning and repair services keep hidden dust and dangerous contaminants from entering the air. Your air duct is the final leg of the journey for filtered air as it flows into the room and brings with it either clean air or a few unwanted guests.


We Care Plumbing Heating and Air provides top-notch Air conditioning repair in Temecula. If you need to repair or replace your HVAC, We Care offers competitive pricing with a reputation for customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive yearly maintenance will keep your system operating at its best. We care about your comfort.

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