Temecula Tankless Water Heater Information

With Southern California at the forefront of renewable energy and green technologies, it is no wonder that so many homebuilders are turning to tankless water heaters for Temecula’s new construction projects to help maximize the efficiency of their communities. By installing these hyper-efficient tankless water heating systems home builders can get the homeowner more room in their garages thanks to the small footprint of tankless water heating systems. The other added benefit is that the amount of gas and energy wasted in heating water is reduced dramatically. The reason for this sharp reduction in energy consumption and therefore potential energy bills is that tankless water heaters only heat water when hot water is being used in the home. With traditional water heaters, an entire tank of a predetermined amount of water is being heated, held, and reheated until the hot water spigot in the home is turned on to finally use the water that has been heated and held.

The great news for existing homeowners is that tankless water heaters can now be installed as replacements for traditional water heaters. Depending on the amount of hot water used in your home the savings can be substantial along with the added benefit of not running out of hot water when the supply in the tank is exhausted. If you have questions about how tankless water systems work and would like to see a system in person, we have an educational demo unit just minutes outside of Temecula where you can see the footprint of the unit as well as the efficiency rating. If you would like to learn more about tankless water heaters and would also like to see how much space and energy you can save we would love to give you a demonstration at our Total Home Performance Showroom.

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