Indoor air quality may seem like an afterthought to some people, but for those who have serious allergies and environmental sensitivities, it is a big issue. Even the healthiest folks should consider testing indoor air quality in their homes. As many as 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touching surfaces, and many breathing challenges are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

With routine heating and AC maintenance, in conjunction with an efficient air purification system, it is possible to destroy up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and germs on household surfaces and reduce approximately 90 percent of airborne microorganisms. There are many products to consider for HVAC installation, including humidifiers and air scrubbers, which can greatly reduce breathing challenges and make your home a cleaner place. Investing in HVAC maintenance once or twice a year can also do wonders for your indoor air quality.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not even realize that the heating, cooling, and humidifying systems in their homes are actually contributing to their poor air quality. When the vents, filters, and ductwork of the HVAC system are dirty, the air will become filled with allergens and other contaminants. Simply having a heating and cooling technician come out once or twice a year for routine maintenance and cleaning can really help. From testing indoor air quality to cleaning and replacing minor components of the heating, cooling, and humidifying systems, it’s possible to greatly reduce the unwanted dirt and bacteria filling the air of your home.

The products you choose and the way you maintain them can greatly affect the quality of the air inside your home. Call a certified HVAC installation and service specialist today to learn more about the different ways you can clean up the air that you and your loved ones breathe every day.

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