Solar panel installation in Orange, CA is the way to go!

Solar Panel Installation in Orange, CA

We Care has been serving Orange and other Southern California communities since 2000, including solar panel installations. We have built a reputation for excellence, honesty, and professionalism regarding all of your Heating, Air, Plumbing, and Solar services. The same principles and disciplines that have distinguished our service are the building blocks and foundation for the way we treat every customer, every home, and every solar panel installation. Our solar power team is skilled, experienced, and honest and genuinely top of the line.

If you ever wonder whether solar power is right for your household in Orange, We Care’s team of solar technicians and consultants will be able to answer all of your questions regarding solar panel installation, costs and financing options, benefits, and more! Our mission is to show you the service that proves “We Care to Go the Extra Mile!”


“We have used We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air for HVAC, plumbing and now Solar.  The ground mount of our solar panels was a breeze…This team was so enjoyable to have around.  I recommend them for your solar needs hands down!” – Yvonne B., We Care Customer

Benefits of Solar Power

There are many reasons you should go solar, including the fact that solar panels add value to your home while also decreasing your cost of electricity.

The cost incentives continue to add up because the power that your solar system produces enables you to reduce the use of electricity from the grid and in turn decrease the cost of your monthly bill, so you begin to save almost immediately. Still more, there will come the point where your solar panels will have paid for themselves and saving is all you do.

Solar panels have also seen significant technological advancements in the past few years, which have provided more efficient and durable products, with little need for maintenance. Studies are continuing to see breakthroughs on more cost-effective production methods as well as higher energy storage capacity and energy efficiency.

It’s no secret solar power has a positive effect on the planet. Solar power is an entirely renewable and infinite source of energy, harnessed from the sun. Other processes for creating energy require burning fossil fuels, which are scattered and limited, and emit greenhouse gasses and pollution into the air. The transition to solar power in your Orange home can aid in decreasing the use of this harmful process and its effects. Solar power will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint on this world and can protect the future of our planet.

In the end, solar power in Orange is a home run investment for your future, your finances, and the environment. If you want to know more about the benefits of going solar or are ready to start investing in solar now, contact We Care today!

Solar Panel Repair

Maintenance for solar panels is simple: Rinse the panels with a garden hose a couple of times a year to prevent dust, dirt, and leaves from building up on your panels. This basic cleaning routine will maximize the amount of light harnessed by your panels. However, according to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong sometime or later.  So, if the time does come where you require solar panel repair, We Care is here for you!

No problem is too big for our experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy solar team. We will be able to fix your problem quickly and correctly, keeping your panels working at their highest potential. Let We Care go the extra mile for your solar needs.

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