Do you know what your indoor air quality is like in your Fallbrook, CA home? According to California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH), it’s probably not ideal unless you are being proactive and have systems in place to keep your air free of harmful pollutants. In fact, San Diego County’s AQ Index values consistently exceed 100 (“unhealthy for sensitive groups”) and frequently reach 150+ (“unhealthy for everyone”) between May and September. So, when the air outside is unhealthy, it’s likely the quality of your home’s indoor air is also unhealthy.

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What Causes Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality in Fallbrook Homes?

When evaluating the pollution level of outdoor air, the CDPH measures four kinds of pollutants: sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle pollution and ground-level ozone. Unfortunately, these pollutants can easily find their way into your home even on days where outdoor pollution is “acceptable”.