You must be asking yourself ‘why clean your AC mid-season?’ You may not use your air conditioner all the time, but it helps to be prepared all year round. If your air conditioner is clean and well-maintained, you will have a comfortable temperature at all times and whatever season it is. Just like any other machine, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to perform at an optimum level. If you fail to clean your AC, you might have problems when summer comes around.

Why Clean Your AC Mid-Season?

A clean AC is efficient and has a longer useful life. Cleaning your air conditioner mid-season guarantees that it is in top condition when summer comes. You will have cooler air and better performance when your air conditioner is well-maintained and cleaned properly. If you clean your air conditioner mid-season, you will not have to worry about malfunctions during the hot summer months. There are many benefits on why clean your AC mid-season, take advantage of these benefits to save money and extend the useful life of your air conditioner.

Keeping Your A/C Clean

Regular Filter Change – Regularly replacing the filter of your air conditioner is important. What you can do is to take out the old filter and then replace it with a new one. Once you have replaced your filter, you should keep in mind that it needs to be replaced monthly. To clean you’re your filter use a brush to remove small particles or debris that gathers in it.

Clean Evaporator – If your air conditioner uses an evaporator coil, it should be cleaned annually. Use a brush that has stiff bristles to scrub and clean the evaporator coil. The tray below the coil should also be cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning and scrubbing the evaporator coil and tray, wipe it dry with a cloth.

Clean Condenser – The condenser is an important part of your air conditioner. The condenser is outside the air conditioner that is why it is prone to getting dirty and is clogged with all types of debris. Cleaning the condenser should be done by experienced and skilled hands to avoid any mishaps. The fins of a condenser are its most delicate part that is why it is best to have a skilled and experienced professional repair or maintain it. What you can do is keep the condenser clean of any grass, debris, weeds, and other things.

The question of why clean your AC mid-season; is answered by a resounding yes. It is imperative to keep your air conditioner clean for it to function properly.

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