Your plumbing system and HVAC units are incredibly important to your home’s comfort.

Some of your home’s essential functions, like hot water and plumbing, are absolutely necessary to live, and if these systems were to fail, it would be disastrous. Plumbing, heating, and cooling systems all need yearly maintenance to ensure that problems do not arise, and if minor repairs need to be done, they can be made before they become major issues.

A “system tune-up” is a generic term used by HVAC and plumbing professionals to describe a general inspection of your plumbing, heating, or cooling system. During this inspection, an expert We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air technician will make sure all connections are tight, all settings are correct, and all electrical components are operating properly. Tune-ups also include system-specific adjustments, just as checking the state of your air ducts or checking the clarity of your water in your water heater.

Tune-ups are a chance for technicians to make adjustments that are only necessary for your system every year or so. They are also good for catching repairs that need to be made before they become big problems. You may not notice a small crack in your boiler, but an expert, licensed HVAC technician certainly will!

A system tune-up will save you energy, and by extension, money. Checking the circulation of your plumbing, heating, or cooling system is extremely important; if something is clogging up the flow of the system, it ends up working harder to provide to your home. This uses up lots of energy and can end up costing you a lot of money.

Finally, yearly tune-ups are almost always required in order to maintain the warranty on your HVAC units. Your air conditioner or furnace could still be held under warranty for many, many years, as long as you keep getting it serviced by We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air every year!

Tune-ups are extremely important for keeping your home’s comfort optimized. Be sure to get your HVAC and plumbing systems tuned up before the year is through! And remember: We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air offers an exclusive Energy Savings Membership that includes free tune-ups, discounts on services, and more. Save hundreds of dollars on quality work by signing up today!