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I was overdue to replace my home's (1988) entire HVAC system - Air conditioner, heater and duct-work. My highest recommendation! The service, from beginning to end was top-notch.-CJ H.
Very professional, super nice, very thorough, and most of all, up front with pricing and willing to work with you. I highly recommend this company. You can't go wrong with good honest people.-Elise T.
All of my experiences with this company have been exceptionally positive. There are few companies like this one anymore!-Roger M.
What an amazing company! From the time you call to set up an appointment til the time of your install everyone is so very kind. They are super flexible with their time frame and show up. Highly recommend this company!-Stephani McFerran
From the first phone call every person I spoke with or dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable. No one was pushy and they quickly came and fixed our issues. The guys were great! I will be calling them back if I need further help for sure.-Jaime L.
AC Replacement Orange County

The Benefits of Replacing Your AC in Orange County

From outdoor concerts to beautiful hikes to casual days at the beach, summer in Orange County can sound like a dream. What’s not to love about a warm, sunny day in SoCal? While it can feel great to get outside, inside, your home likely won’t feel so comfortable without a reliable air conditioner. You could be stuck with a stuffy, sweltering, poorly circulated home, even when the temperatures outside don’t reach record-setting highs like they can. So how do you take precautions against a bad AC unit ruining your summer? We like to think that getting ahead of the game is a good idea. That’s why springtime is a great time to consider upgrading your AC for the summer!

Top Reasons to Consider a New AC Before the Summer Heat Wave

Keeps You Comfortable

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your cooling system. One of the top priorities? Your personal home comfort. Sweating it out during an Orange County summer heat wave doesn’t sound comfortable to us. We know that on the hottest days, the temperatures can reach triple digits (like last summer’s 114 degrees in Santa Ana). We Care enough to help you stay cool this summer, which is why our technicians can help you determine if you need an AC replacement today.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you are looking to sell your house anytime soon, even if it is still a few years down the road, installing a new AC system can be a smart investment. Having upgraded systems is typically a very attractive asset, making it easier to market and sell to prospective home buyers. While it doesn’t guarantee a sale, it certainly does add more marketable value and could be a distinguishing point for your house in a competitive market.

Can Improve Efficiency & Shrink Utility Bills

Notice a spike in your utility bills? Whether it’s a new increase or you’ve been wanting to get your bills down for a while now, it may be time to consider replacing your AC unit. Why? Newer cooling units have improved efficiency ratings, upgraded features (such as more controllable, customizable thermostats), and other benefits. In fact, you could save between 20% and 40% on your cooling costs just by upgrading!

Helps Reduce Your Footprint

While improving the efficiency of your HVAC unit can be great for your wallet, it can be even more impactful than that. Running a more efficient AC system means you can reduce your environmental impact while enjoying all the other benefits.

Avoid Costly Maintenance & Repair Expenses

Tired of regularly calling on the AC repairman to fix your unit? Frustrated with the lack of cool air or unreliable maintenance work? You need to trust your air conditioner to a team that cares. Our cooling professionals help you avoid surprise expenses and untimely repairs by upgrading your system. We work with you to ensure that your new AC unit provides the reliable comfort you are looking for at a price point you want.

Time for an AC Replacement in SoCal?

While the winter and springtime in Orange County are relatively mild, it can really start to heat up in the summer. This is why replacing your air conditioner before the summer heat wave rolls in can be very helpful and important. The last thing you want is to be stuck without nice, cool air on a long summer day.

If you know it’s time to replace that old, unreliable air conditioning unit, now is the time to act. We Care is your go-to source for expert, professional heating and cooling work. Get us on the job today!

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