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How to Lower Humidity in Your Home

If you are planning to install a new air conditioning unit, then you should learn the different ways to lower humidity in your home. These tips will also help you in reducing your power bills.

Tips to lower humidity

Humidity is one of the most significant factors that can help in increasing your power consumption as well as controlling the access of cool air in your home. It can considerably affect the cooling process of the air conditioning unit. So to lower the humidity in your home, you can do certain things discussed hereunder. They can also help you in reducing the cost of running your AC.

  1. Improve Circulation of Air

The first thing you can do to reduce humidity in your home is to improve the circulation of air. You can use ceiling fans to enhance the flow of air in your home when humidity is at a peak. It can also help you in reducing the thermostat of your AC as the improved circulation of air will cool down the temperature of your home.

  1. Change/ Clean Filters

Changing or cleaning the filters of your cooling system can also be a good idea to reduce humidity in the home. It is advisable to replace the filters at least once a month, especially when you have a pet or someone with an allergy problem in your home. The filter can be blocked with pet hair or allergy-causing elements. You can call an air conditioning service in Irvine for this purpose if you do not have time or experience for doing such tasks.

  1. Clean Surrounding AreasĀ 

You should clean branches and leaves near the outdoor condenser unit before starting your air conditioning unit. The space around the outdoor unit can accumulate lots of branches and leaves fall during the fall and winter season. So you should clear that area by removing the debris along with cutting vegetation and shrubs grown near the outdoor unit. You should also check the coils of the condenser if they are damaged or bent when it was not in use during winters.

  1. Seasonal/Annual Maintenance Checks

You can also call an air conditioning repair in Irvine service during the spring season to check your entire air conditioning system. It will help you to ensure the proper working of your cooling unit to its maximum efficiency. It will also help in reducing the cost of the power consumed by your AC.

  1. Check for leaks

You should also check the spaces and leaks developing in the doors and windows in your home. You should seal them properly by using weather stripping, insulation, or caulk according to the type and size of the crack. In this way, you can quickly and inexpensively ensure the security of your home from humidity. You should also check insulation in the attic area as well as the basement and fireplace so that cool air from your home cannot escape.

You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity form your home if it still persists even after using all the methods discussed above. It will also reduce the working of your AC, along with reducing the humidity of your home effectively.

Thus, by doing some or all of these things, you can quickly reduce humidity in your home.


If you are noticing a high level of humidity in your home, or your home is uncomfortable, it may be time for an AC repair in Irvine. A local company, like We Care, will know exactly how to repair your unit for the best home comfort.

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