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Here are the Benefits of Going Solar in Murrieta

There are many benefits of converting the energy systems in Murrieta to solar power. There are favorable conditions for residents who go solar in California. For example, there are several programs, tax credits, and financial incentives. 


For one to understand the benefits and savings of using solar energy in Murrieta, they should consider factors such as their energy usage and the orientation of their homes. Many companies specialize who provide solar power installation in Murrieta. Some homeowners may have a hard time when searching for the best solar company in Murrieta to offer a wide variety of services. 


We Care provides PV or Photovoltaic solar panels for residential homes. Our local team is trained and experienced in finding and installing the right design for your home to get optimal power and sunlight.


There has been a significant increase in population in Murrieta over the years, for that reason, it is currently considered one of the fastest-growing areas in California. The city has a dry subtropical climate which is ideal for generating high amounts of solar power. Solar power installation is a one-time investment and may help residents to reduce energy bills in your home and reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

Energy Consumption in Murrieta 

According to a report from relevant agencies, the average energy consumption in the state is 573 kWh per month. California is currently ranked second for energy savings in the United States due to the increase in solar panel installations among the residents. If Murrieta residents produce more energy than they need from solar panels, they can earn some income. The extra power must be exported to the grid of a local energy provider to receive this extra credit. 


Solar Panel Installation in Murrieta 

When you are installing solar panels in your home, consider factors such as 

  • the number of solar panels you need to cater to energy requirements
  • the suitability of your home for solar panels
  • the potential incentives after the installation
  • affordability of the panels required
  •  the return on the investment


According to a recent report about the cost of solar power installation in Murrieta, homeowners spend an average of $3.63 per watt. 


The average capacity of solar panels in the United States is 6 kilowatts. Murrieta residents spend about $18.15 for the installation of a solar power system. According to federal law, once a homeowner has installed the system, they can claim a 30% tax credit this year. However, the rate is expected to reduce to 26% in 2020. The credit received is based on the cost of installing solar panels. 


If the tax credit earned from the installation is less than the amount of tax that residents are expected to pay, it will be taken all at once. However, if the credit is more than their annual tax, the extra credit will be used to calculate the amount of tax they owe in the following year. 


One of the qualifications of receiving the credits is owning the solar panels that have been installed. Therefore, if a resident leases the panels, they are not entitled to the tax credits. Another requirement for Murrieta residents to get the tax credits is to fill a Federal Solar Tax Credit Form from the IRS.

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