Are you having trouble keeping the air quality in your house? These 3 tips on selecting the right air filters will help you win the battle against poor quality air.

As air goes in and out of your house, the fan that you’re A/C uses filters out the pollution from the clean air, raising the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. Like most things, air filters also succumb to wear and time. The useful life of your air filter depends on its efficiency and the level of allergens and pollutants in your house. It is important that you change your filter on a regular basis to keep the air you breathe fresh and pollutant-free.

3 Tips on Selecting the Right Air Filters

Think about these tips on selecting the right air filters before you make a purchase:
  • The clean air delivery rate is a system that is commonly used that shows users the percentage of pollutants and allergens removed from a certain space. This system multiplies the cubic feet per minute of airflow through a filter with the number of particles removed from a certain space. With this attribute, you can gauge how well a filter does its job. The right air filter will score high on its clean air delivery rate. Users should consider the clean air delivery rate when purchasing a filter for their homes.
  • Another attribute one should consider before purchasing a filter is the minimum efficiency reporting value. This rating shows a filter’s capability at isolating and trapping particles that come in various sizes. This rating ranges from 1 to 16, the higher the score of the filter you purchase, the better it is at isolating and trapping particles that come in different sizes. Filters that score higher on their minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV, are good at trapping different sized particles, however, since it can lock small particles it also reduces airflow.
  • If the MERV rating gauges a filter’s ability to trap different sized particles, the pressure drop rating measures a filter’s ability to allow air to flow through it. This rating gives you a preview of how a filter balances letting air flow versus trapping different-sized particles.

These are some of the tips on selecting the right air filters that you can follow. These tips can help you find the perfect filter you need for home use.