Wow, June already. Where has the time gone?

Summer’s here, whether we like it or not, and now we’re stuck having to deal with it yet another year in a row. Luckily, we’ve been posting the last couple of weeks on ways to stay cool without breaking the bank this summer, and keeping with that theme, we’re here today with some extra tips and tricks to help keep your home cool this summer without sending your utility bills through the roof.

Close unused air vents

Summer’s here, and that means AC’s all around are switching on. By closing air vents in rooms that aren’t used too often, you can focus the cool air into areas of your home that you’re actually in. No use cooling areas of your home you’re not even in!

Replace incandescent bulbs

If you haven’t already replaced your incandescent light bulbs with their more energy-efficient fluorescent counterpart then it’s probably time you did. Traditional light bulbs generate a good amount of heat, working against your air conditioner, whereas the newer fluorescent bulbs not only use less energy but generate less heat in the process.

AC System Maintenance

Like all pieces of machinery, your air conditioner needs some TLC from time to time. The longer your AC goes without a tune-up, the harder it has to work and the less energy efficient it becomes. Today’s equipment and systems are pretty efficient compared to a few years ago, but that’s only true if they’re maintained. Don’t let your AC go too long without a tune-up.

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