Does the Size of the Solar Panels I want on My Home Matter?

Over the past few decades, there is a growth in the popularity and usage of solar power. This is because it is cost-effective, environment-friendly, and also meets the power requirements of your entire home. 


While deciding to switch over to solar power is indeed a good idea, we need to keep certain things in mind. The process of solar panel installation is complex, and there are quite a few things that we must bear in mind. Let us look into the various aspects for the benefit of our readers and prospective customers. 

Choosing the Right Size of Solar Panel

Quite often, we come across the question as to how big a solar power system do I need for my power. The size of the solar panel should be addressed first, and only after that, the other steps of the actual installation should take place. You must do some research, and many tools could help in selecting the size of the solar panel. 


You could also get in touch with a professional solar company in Temecula. They will be able to offer the right solution as far as the size of the solar panel is concerned. They will take into account the total power requirement for the entire home during regular hours and peak hours. It is worth the time and effort because it could help you to save more than 50% on your monthly bills. This over some time could run into thousands of dollars. 

The Size Of The Panel Is Linked To Usage

If you wish to light the entire home and run a majority of appliances using solar power, then you may have to install quite several panels. On the other hand, even if you start with a low end solar powering system of around 5 VK, you would undoubtedly have made a good beginning. You certainly will be able to save a few hundred dollars, over some time. There are specific benchmarks that could be used when choosing the right kilowatt of solar power. The number of solar panels is again linked to the overall power output that you have in mind. 


For a small home of one to two people, you would need solar panels that can help generate around 1.5 KW of power. It should be good enough for less than 10 energy-efficient lights, standby appliances, washing machines, and more. If you have four people and more, then you may have to go in for a solar panel that comes with a capacity of 5 KW or more. It would always be prudent to invest in solar panels with an eye to the future. If you are not very sure about it, you must not hesitate to spend time with a solar panel installation in Temecula

Final Words

To put things in a nutshell, it may not be possible to offer a straight-jacketed reply regarding the size of solar panels. It has to be calculated based on 

  • the number of people in the house
  • the various appliances
  • lighting systems and other things that they will be using
  •  the period of usage and much more

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