Air conditioning and heating systems, like any piece of machinery, require regular maintenance from time to time. Nothing big, replacing an air filter here, swapping out damaged or worn-out parts and pieces here. Regular maintenance isn’t a new concept or anything, we take our cars in every three months or so for an oil change and we keep up on all the little stuff to help ensure that the vehicle will run for a long time. The same applies to your heating and air system, so why do people tend to neglect these most valuable and precious appliances and put off maintenance or repairs until It’s too late?

That’s a tough question, and the best answer that I can give is that people just don’t realize that they should be doing regular maintenance for their heating and air conditioning systems. Regardless of the reasons, though, the majority of people just don’t seem to be getting the maintenance of their systems, instead of putting it off until the problems have become too big to ignore. Like having your AC just stops working in the middle of a triple-digit day.

Truth be told, most of the extensive repairs and replacements we perform could have been avoided with a little routine maintenance. Typically, we like to come out twice a year and make sure you’re entire system is up to par; once in the spring for your AC, and again in the fall for your heater. It’s important to make sure everything is working properly and correctly in order to avoid a costly and unexpected repair later down the road.

Not only will regular maintenance help maximize the lifespan of your equipment, but it will also help ensure that your heating and cooling system is operating correctly and efficiently, keeping its energy usage at a stable rate so you don’t see the gradual climb in utility bills that comes with a declining heating and cooling system.

Save yourself time, headaches, and money by letting us perform your bi-annual maintenance checks. Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to get started.

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