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We Care is proud to use LG panels because of their high quality and industry leading 25 year warranty. Take advantage of LG’s excellent products and the Federal tax credit to get the most out of your solar investment!

This is the last year you can get your solar system with residential energy incentives and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at the maximum 30%. The credit can be used all at once or you can utilize the credit over multiple years. But you have to get your system turned on and approved before 12/31/2019 to receive the full 30%. Get it before it’s gone!

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2019 is the Year for Solar!

This 30% tax credit can also be used on solar battery storage! Battery storage is a great addition to any solar system. It stores any surplus energy from your system and allows you to use it during peak hours for energy, such as evening hours.

Battery storage also allows you to depend less on power companies, decreases your energy bills and gives continuous power in case of emergency. Events like blackouts and neighborhood power outages will no longer affect your home with battery storage. No more looking for flashlights and batteries!

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LG Neon 2 Bifacial:


Battery Storage —
Are You Ready for a Blackout?

We Care is proud to carry both LG Solar Panels and the LG Chem battery storage. Switching to solar power with a battery backup is the best way to provide your own energy and become independent from the grid. With LG’s 25 Year Panel warranty and an LG Chem Battery, you are putting money back in your pocket!

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