Do you want to avoid costly HVAC repair? Are you looking for some tips to boost the efficiency and longevity of your system? Even if your system is working, it might cause increased energy bills without maintenance. The efficiency will also be compromised. If it continues for a long, then your system might stop working as well. In this condition, an air conditioning service in Moreno Valley can fix your system and can bring back efficiency. However, you can avoid costly repair with regular maintenance.

You can inspect some parts such as thermostat, furnace, and ductwork to ensure that your system is working fine. If you check regularly, you can find out the issue at the early stage and fix it immediately. Early detection will prevent costly replacement. Also, you can consider hiring air conditioning repair in Moreno Valley. Experts are thoroughly experienced. They can take off your system in the best possible manner. If you want to do it on your own, you can try the following maintenance tips.

Check and Clean the Filter

A dirty filter can significantly affect the performance and energy efficiency of your unit. You can change the filters regularly to boost efficiency and reduce the energy bill. You should always check the filter once in three months to ensure that it is in good condition and is working fine. If it looks filthy, then consider replacing. Otherwise, you can simply clean it. You might need to change the filter more frequently once in a month if you have pets.

Take Care of the Thermostat

You can adequately maintain the thermostat to reduce the energy bill. When you feel that even the high-temperature setting is not making your house warm, then you will have to check the thermostat. It might be the culprit. You can consider a programmable thermostat since it will be programmed automatically and you can also adjust the setting. Adjust it to your specific needs so that you will not have to make changes in the middle of the night.

Clean the Heat Pump

The heat pump can be dirty, and that will make your system work hard to achieve the required coolness and warmth. You can clean your heat pump regularly to reduce the pressure on the system. Also, a clean system will work very smoothly and will minimize the possibility of damage to other parts. Check your heat pump regularly to ensure that there are no dust deposits and debris on the side and top of the heat pump.

Tune Up Your System

A tune-up will involve an AC Repair in Moreno Valley. Experts will visit and check your entire system to make sure that it is performing well without any issue. In some cases, technicians perform a multi-point inspect that will include

  • cleaning or changing the filter
  • cleaning the coils
  • checking the refrigerants
  • inspecting the drain lines
  • Checking for heat exchanger links


They will also check fans to ensure that these are working fine and smoothly.

You can consider a tune-up every six months. Make it a part of the regular maintenance to avoid costly replacements. Regular maintenance is the first requirement to ensure better performance.

If you are thinking you may need a tune-up, call We Care. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and ready to tackle any of your HVAC needs.

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Author Bio: Rusty Cochran

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