With the first day of Fall being just about a week away, now is the best time to talk about the benefits of professional air duct cleaning and why it’s not only recommended but important as well. Truth be told, there are many benefits and reasons why you would want to have your air ducts cleaned, especially by a professional. Despite this, a good number of homes go without any kind of air duct cleaning, many because the thought of their air ducts being dirty never really crossed their minds.

With the fall and winter months comes a large demand for your heater, some of us running it more often than not during the cold and dark winter months. That drastic increase in usage means that anything inside the air ducts is going to be circulated around your home more often, increasing the risk of triggering allergies. Over time, dust and other nasty bits accumulate in your home’s air ducts. Not only does this cause your whole system to work harder to move the same amount of air, but it also means that you’re circulating dust and anything else in your air ducts throughout your home.

A professional air duct cleaning is just the type of heating service you should be looking into this Fall, along with an inspection of your heating system to ensure everything is in good working order. You probably don’t want to attempt cleaning your air ducts yourself, since it can be a bit complicated if you don’t have the right equipment, let alone get a big mess if your ducts haven’t been cleaned recently. We have equipment specifically designed to clean air ducts, which makes the whole process as painless and simple as possible.

Shortly after having your air ducts cleaned, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in your home’s indoor air quality. This increase will help stave off colds and flues this winter, helping you cut down on any sick days that may be coming your way. Nobody likes being sick, and most of us get flu shots or take some other form of preventative measure against being sick in the cold winter months, yet very few take the time to help increase the quality of the air in their homes – where they spend the good majority of their time.

Increased health and decreased energy bills are two good reasons to have your air ducts cleaned this Fall, but I have yet to mention my favorite reason for it – less dusting all winter long. Homes get dusty, especially in the winter when everything is all shut up to keep in the warmth. With dusty air ducts, you’re effectively putting a thin layer of dust all-around your house. If your air ducts are clean, there will be far less dust in the air, thus meaningless dusting for you all winter long.

I could go on about the specific benefits of having your air ducts clean, but listing more won’t make it any more important or recommended. If you want to have a cleaner, healthier home this upcoming winter, take some time to get your air ducts cleaned.

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