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Why You Need Water Heater Maintenance

Most homeowners are heavily reliant upon their water heaters, yet water heaters are often overlooked. Discretely tucked away in inconspicuous closets and corners, they’re easy to forget. Unfortunately, however, water heaters often breakdown, reach the end of their lifespans, and malfunction. More importantly, they frequently do so with devastating consequences.

From avoiding major property damages to keeping this critical home feature working like it should, following are five reasons why diligent water heater maintenance is absolutely essential.

1. Extend the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

The easiest way to extend the lifespan of your current water heater and to ensure its overall efficiency is by properly maintaining it. Water heaters must stand up to a considerable amount of daily use, especially in large households. As such, they can experience lots of wear and tear.

Yearly or twice-yearly inspections allow professionals to assess the severity of this wear, resolve minor wear-related issues, and replace failing or broken components as needed. All of these efforts limit the amount of work that water heaters must do in order to deliver the desired amount of hot water each day.

2. Catch Minor Issues Before They Spiral out of Control

During a water heater inspection, seasoned professionals can identify potential or developing problems before these have the chance to spiral out of control. For instance, the formation of rust or corrosion in water heater tanks is a common reason for replacement.

When plumbers notice rusty, discolored water early on, they may be able to take steps to correct the issue before the entire water heater needs to be switched out. Making sure that problems like this one are caught and resolved early in a timely fashion can also be key for ensuring that no one in the home is being exposed to potentially contaminated water.

3. Maintain Optimum Water Pressure

Regular maintenance is a very effective way to avoid any slow, hidden leaks that might result in damaged building materials, issues with mold or mildew development, air quality problems, and more. In some households, the established water pressure is far too high. This leads to excess wear and tear on all plumbing fixtures and features, and it can have a definite impact on water heaters. If excessively high water pressure is identified during your water heater inspection, mitigation strategies can be implemented to both protect the water heater and the entire plumbing system.

4. Avoid Major Property Damage

Catching problems early on can also prevent the need for water restoration services and flood damage repairs. This is especially important to bear in mind if the water heater was existing in your home when you purchased it and you haven’t yet changed out your water heater. In these instances, some homeowners aren’t entirely certain of just how old their hot water heaters are. This leads to a risky game of waiting for water heaters to breakdown before deciding to replace them.

5. Replace the Heater Before the End of Its Life

Water heaters that reach the end of their lifespans can develop leaks and other problems that saturate flooring, baseboards, drywall, and other building features. When calculating the costs of having heaters, blowers, fans, air movers, and other water damage equipment brought into your home, diligent water heater maintenance is the most cost-effective and practical choice. Moreover, with existing construction, these services can give you a better understanding of the age and remaining lifespan of your current unit, and in some instances, you can even learn more about the level of care that the heater received from prior owners.

6. Honor Your Home’s Insurance Policy

It is also important to note that maintaining this home feature may be a requirement of your home insurance policy. Property damages that occur as the result of insufficient maintenance or other negligence may have to be paid out of your own pocket. Regular service visits will give you the benefit of a written record that you can share should a claim issue ever arise. This record can also be shared with prospective buyers who want to know more about the condition and history of the hot water heater, should you ever choose to sell.

7. Prevent Calcium Build-Up

The costs of using your water heater will invariably increase whenever adequate maintenance isn’t being performed. Calcium is a common contributor to this problem as are many other minerals that are found in the normal water supply. Accumulations of these minerals can settle at the base of the water heater tank thereby making it more difficult for the unit to produce hot water. If you have an electric water heater in your home, too much of this mineral can result in a malfunctioning or broken heating element. If you have a gas water heater, mineral buildups can lead to both hot spots and eventual tank damages.

8. Save You Money

During an annual inspection or other maintenance visit, the tank can be thoroughly flushed to eliminate minerals. This will in turn limit wear, extend the lifetime of your water heater, and lower your energy costs. As such, routine maintenance can provide both immediate and ongoing savings. Best of all, by extending your heater’s lifetime, you’ll buy yourself more time to plan and prepare for an eventual water heater replacement.

9. Maintain the Full Volume of Your Water Heater

The build up of sediment in a water heater tank does more than simply diminish the heater’s efficiency. It also reduces the amount of water that the tank can reasonably hold. This may be a problem in your home if you’re finding that there’s increasingly less hot water available for baths, long showers, or doing the dishes. Flushing this debris out will allow your tank to hold the maximum amount of water and to heat this water reliably and effectively.

If you’re concerned about your impact on the natural environment, having your water heater flushed is additionally a great way to lower your carbon footprint. You and your family will be able to use far less energy for heating water, even as your daily habits remain much the same. You’ll be able to enjoy longer showers and have more hot water for taking care of essential, daily household chores.

10. Keep Building Residents Safe

There are a number of safety issues that people may face when failing to properly maintain their water heaters. This equipment has both a pressure and a temperature valve. These components keep water pressure from becoming too high and water temperatures from becoming extreme. Regular inspections will ensure that these valves don’t break or malfunction unexpectedly, which could result in both property damage and physical injury.

Scheduling annual inspections and maintenance visits may even be essential for remaining in compliance with the terms of your home insurance. Our NATE-certified technicians can provide the right level of attention and care that can help to preserve the equipment, limit your spending on major repairs, cut your energy costs, and prevent serious damage to your property.

You can also turn to us for reliable heating, plumbing, solar, and air conditioning services in the greater Murrieta, CA, area. Call We Care Plumbing, Heating & Solar today for more information.

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