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Benefits of High Pressure Drain & Sewer Jetting

It is never pleasant when you realize that you have a clog in your pipes. You may be looking at a sink that will not drain or a tub that takes forever to empty. At We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air, we know our Southern California customers want a solution that is effective and clean. Our high-pressure drain and sewer jetting technique always give us great results. It is amazing what the power of water can do.

Signs That You Have a Clogged Pipe

It is not difficult to tell when there is something stuck in your pipes. You will either have chronic slow drains or water that backs up into your fixtures. On occasion, the clog breaks down on its own. One day you have a slow drain, and the next day, everything is running fine. Most of the time, a slow drain will just get slower as hair, grease and other materials build up in the pipe.

The location of a slow drain will tell our technicians something about the clog. If there is only one backed-up sink, the clog will be close to that plumbing fixture. If several sinks keep backing up, it points to a blockage further down the line. Often, after we have a general sense of the location of the clog, we will scope your pipes with a camera to pinpoint the issue. Wherever your pipes are blocked, high-pressure jetting can fix the problem.

What Is High-Pressure Drain Jetting?

Water under pressure can fire out with a great deal of force. Just as some home professionals use water to power wash the outside of a home, we can use water to clean the inside of your pipes. This is not just a matter of turning on the faucet. Our technicians will snake the hose through your pipes to its location. Then, pressurized water fires out and destroys the clog. Whether it is fat, grease, hair or another residue, an obstacle in your pipes cannot withstand the force of the spray.

In household plumbing, our treatment can clean out common blockages. In sewer lines, we can use our high-pressure technique to snap tree roots and move other debris down the line. With a high-pressure jet of water, your pipes get completely clean.

A Powerful Form of Prevention

All homeowners must deal with clogged pipes at some point. It is just a matter of time before enough residue builds up somewhere in your plumbing to slow things down. When this happens, you should call a professional right away. The more that goes down the pipe, the greater the possibility of the clog getting worse. It is important to note that there are some ways to delay this problem.

  • Only flush toilet paper
  • Do not dispose of grease or fat in your kitchen sink
  • Use a hair catcher in your shower drain

Regular hydro-jetting can be another form of preventative maintenance for your pipes. The big advantage of our hydro-jetting service is that it leaves your pipes as clean as possible. High-pressure water does not just break up clogs, but it also removes residue that can lead to clogs in the future.

Long-Term Savings

Our hydro-jetting service is a bit more expensive than running a plumbing snake through pipes, but the results will save you money in the long run. Because your pipes will be left without any residue, it will be a long time before you experience significant buildup again. You will not have to deal with the frustration of slow drains or the inconvenience of an emergency plumbing call. When we are done with your pipes, you can trust that they will be clean and clear for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Solution

When something goes wrong with your plumbing, one of the first impulses is to run to the store and buy a chemical drain cleaner. While these products can clear some smaller clogs, they also have some significant problems.

When you read the label on a drain cleaner, you will see several warnings about eye and skin protection. These products have harsh chemicals that can irritate your eyes, lungs and skin. If the product fails to clear the blockage quickly, you will have a sink that is not just blocked, it will also be full of caustic substances that can damage the pipes they are supposed to clean.

Chemical products are often a temporary solution. They might break up enough of a blockage to allow water to flow, but they leave behind residue in the pipe that can cause a clog to reform.

Once these chemicals are in your pipes, they have nowhere to go except into the water supply. Although water will dilute these chemicals along the way, they can still cause damage to the environment. It doesn’t matter if it is the healthy bacteria in your septic system or wildlife downstream from a water treatment plant.

At We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air, our drain and sewer jetting services only use the power of water to clean your pipes. With our solution, the only substance we are adding to your wastewater is water. You can have clean pipes without worrying about damage to your home or damage to the environment.

A Less Disruptive Option

It used to be that a blocked sewer line meant heavy digging equipment, which would damage your lawn. The worst pipe clogs could result in a plumber having to open walls and remove pipes to make certain they were clear. This additional work makes these repairs much more expensive. It also meant that a basic clog could require days of an inconvenience rather than a few hours. Our water-based treatment will quickly remove blockages from within the pipes. You will not have to worry about extra repairs that can take days to fix.

A Cleaner Choice for Your Home

Traditional methods of clog removal like pipe-snaking are effective ways to get the job done. We still use a snake to remove clogs from a single plumbing fixture. However, while the snake will push some of the blockages down your drain, it will also pull some of the obstruction up into your bathroom. Our plumbers do their best to keep things clean, but there is still the potential for an unsanitary mess.

One of the reasons we prefer high-pressure drain jetting is that our water spray pushes dirty clogs and debris away from your house. You want everything that goes down your drain to go into the sewer or septic system. Our procedure makes certain that pipe residue is headed in the right direction, away from your home.

Your Drain-Clearing Professionals

In Murrieta and Orange, CA, We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air is the team you can trust with the comfort and care of your home. In addition to comprehensive plumbing services, we can handle the installation, maintenance and repair of your heating and cooling systems. We also specialize in indoor air quality solutions. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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