HVAC maintenance is something that we all need from time to time, and also something that many of us find ourselves putting off far longer than we should. Keeping your heating and air conditioning systems maintenance might seem like something that’s not really that important, and you may possibly think about it as an optional investment or one that can be left till next month, or even year. Truth be told, keeping up to date on your air conditioning maintenance can help keep your monthly utility bills and running costs down during the hot summer months.

While it’s getting hot, it’s never too late to get your air conditioning system up to par. If you let your heating or air conditioning system slip by without any maintenance, you’ll soon find yourself needing heating and air conditioning repair, instead of just simple maintenance. This often adds up being far more expensive than just keeping up with the standard maintenance.

Residential air conditioning down here in southern California is used quite a bit given our hot summers, but our heaters get used almost as much during the winter. Our heaters, like our air conditioners, need simple and regular maintenance to stay running efficiently. Maintenance, as stated before, is oftentimes cheaper than the repairs that they prevent, which makes keeping upon them a practical option.

We all love our air conditioners; I know I do, especially in these hot southern California summers. With temperatures reaching far into the triple digits, I found myself running my AC far more than I had thought I would. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with a drastic increase in my power bills thanks to the maintenance I had done in the spring.

We have a great crew here at WC Air, and they really know their stuff. They should, given the high standards we hold each and every one of them to, and the extensive training that we require. While all of our technicians are specialists in what they do, there are a few things you can do on your end to help prolong the lifecycle of your heating and cooling systems.

The most important thing you can do on your own, in my opinion, is to see if your air filter has been cleaned or replaced recently. It’s important to clean the air filter about once every month, depending on usage. By simply keeping this little bit clean, you can find yourself one giant step closer to lowering your monthly utility bills, while enjoying the cool air that your air conditioner can bring during these hot summer months.

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