Menifee Mini-Split AC You Can Count On

How can an air conditioning system work without ducts? Well, traditional ACs cannot but ductless mini-split systems can. A mini-split AC works just like central air except that you don’t need large vents that disturb the architecture of your home. That’s great news if you live in an older home or historic property where you want to maintain the original character of your property in Menifee, CA.

So, what is a mini-split? Ductless mini-split systems have three main components. Inside, the evaporator mounts easily onto a wall. Outside, the condenser pulls in fresh air and connects to the evaporator via a thin conduit typically no wider than three inches. Inside the conduit, our HVAC pros install the electric lines, drain lines and refrigerant tubing. The compact bundle allows us to install mini-splits in a minimally invasive way. You can preserve the character of your home without sacrificing comfort in the warmer seasons!