Fallbrook Leak Detection Specialists

Water leaks from plumbing fixtures, pipes and fittings waste water and increase your utility bill. Early leak detection can prevent significant damage to your home. We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air specializes in leak detection and repairs in Fallbrook, CA. Once we find the source of the leak, we can quickly repair the leak and get your water bill back under control. If you require slab leak repair, we can also diagnose and locate the source of the problem. Contact us for rapid water leak detection and repair services!

Efficient Slab Leak Repair in Fallbrook

We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air slab leak detection and repair services bring the experience and know-how of a licensed plumber to your doorstep. We use modern tools to monitor water pressure and detect the telltale sounds of leaking water behind walls, under slabs and dripping from fixtures. Slab leak detection is a specialized service offered by few local plumbers. So, if you suspect a broken water or sewer line, contact our pros for accurate leak detection.

Underground leaks are the hardest to find because they aren’t visible to the naked eye. However, there are many signs that you have a slab leak in your home. So, call us if you notice any of the following symptoms!

  • Smell of sewage inside the home
  • Recent bug infestation due to ground moisture
  • High water bills
  • Increased mildew or moisture

From a spinning water meter to cracks in the floors and ceilings, there are many signals that you have a leak that needs immediate attention. Some leaks go undetected for years because they occur in the water supply lines to your bathtub, shower or toilet. Slow leaks can cause damage to your floors and the foundation of your home. Leaks can also cause damage to drywall and ceilings. So, if you suspect something amiss, contact us today to save money on your energy bill, conserve water and preserve the integrity of your home.

Using specialized water leak detection equipment, our licensed plumbers can pinpoint the leak. We provide an upfront estimate for repairs needed to stop the leak. As soon as you approve, our pros can get started. We always aim to provide services with the least disruption to your household. Plus, our plumbers never leave behind tools, messy floors or other signs of sloppy service.