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Indoor Cold Heater

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Many people do not realize that when the temperatures fall to near freezing, homeowners tend to use up to 7x more natural gas than they do at other times throughout the year. Not only does increased natural gas usage bloat your energy bill, but it can also put extra wear and tear on your heating equipment.

Because We Care about our customers, we have put together a list of tips to help you navigate the cold snap we are seeing here in Murrieta and across Southern California.

Tips to conserve energy in the face a very cold winter:

  • Lower your thermostat by 3-5 degrees whenever possible.
  • Weather-strip and caulk windows and doors.
  • Wash your clothes on a cold cycle.
  • Replace or clean your furnace filters to increase furnace efficiency.
  • Decrease the temperature of your hot water heater.
  • Utilize high-efficiency gas fireplaces whenever possible.

We hope that these tips and tricks to reduce your energy consumption this winter have been helpful. For even more energy efficiency tips please contact our caring staff today, or schedule a tour of our Total Home Performance Showroom where you will be able to see energy efficient products and best practices in person. We thank you for visiting us today and wish you and your family a wonderful, comfortable winter.