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I was overdue to replace my home's (1988) entire HVAC system - Air conditioner, heater and duct-work. My highest recommendation! The service, from beginning to end was top-notch.-CJ H.
Very professional, super nice, very thorough, and most of all, up front with pricing and willing to work with you. I highly recommend this company. You can't go wrong with good honest people.-Elise T.
All of my experiences with this company have been exceptionally positive. There are few companies like this one anymore!-Roger M.
What an amazing company! From the time you call to set up an appointment til the time of your install everyone is so very kind. They are super flexible with their time frame and show up. Highly recommend this company!-Stephani McFerran
From the first phone call every person I spoke with or dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable. No one was pushy and they quickly came and fixed our issues. The guys were great! I will be calling them back if I need further help for sure.-Jaime L.
Furnace Installation in Orange, CA


We Care Plumbing, Heating Air and Solar brings you the best in customer service, the best technicians, and the best and most reliable AC Repair in Murrieta. For over 20 years, we have proudly delivered on our promise of “the best” to Murrieta residents. 


If you own a home in Murrieta, unless your house is newer construction, it may be time to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system. The homes in this city’s beautiful neighborhoods are upscale and well maintained. Murrieta homeowners want their living spaces to be the best they can be in terms of value and comfort. That is why they should look for the best air conditioning service in Murrieta.


The new, advanced HVAC will give your home the comfort and livability you deserve with modern technology that does not pollute and is light on the pocketbook. Moreover, value-added step-ups provide versatility and customization to your air quality controls.


Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Many types of HVAC are Energy Star certified, cutting edge and efficient, some more than others. All the new HVAC systems are highly efficient and use a newer “earth-friendly” refrigerant to help cut down on greenhouse emissions. They are cost-effective to run, and you will notice a big difference in your power bills and the comfort of your home. We Care advances the best choices in the highest quality equipment for heating and air conditioning services in Murrieta. We will help you choose the best HVAC unit and components for your best home comfort.


Central Air Conditioner

Energy Star rated Central Air Conditioners are efficient with low greenhouse gas emissions. They use more environmentally friendly refrigerants for the cooling system and gas furnace for the heating. The heated or cooled air is delivered through an air duct system that distributes air throughout the house. This type of AC uses natural gas and combustion to generate heat. It is the least green of all the available options, but much more energy-efficient than older furnaces.


Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner

A ductless Mini-split air conditioner uses a heat pump or air conditioner and does not need ductwork to deliver the conditioned air. It is a zoned system with its own thermostat and delivers heated or cooled air to one room. Good for additions or houses without central air.


Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump system is also a split system with components inside and out. A heat pump extracts heat from either the air or ground source for heating and cooling and circulates it through the home’s air ducts. There are two types of heat pumps, air to air heat pump and geothermal (ground system) heat pump. For heating, a heat pump transfers warm air from the outdoor air or ground system to the inside of the house. For cooling, the pump moves heat from the house into the outdoor air or ground system. 


Value Added HVAC enhancements

The new technology in HVAC has given way to advanced systems for maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ). We Care can provide you with a wide range of effective filtration and purification upgrades along with air duct services to maintain good air quality and save you money. We can customize your system for you and your family by adding the components you need.

  • Air Filters
  • Air cleaners and Purifiers
  • Germicidal UV Lights
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Duct maintenance and repair


We Care Plumbing, Heating Air and Solaris your HVAC company delivering heating and air conditioning repair in Murrieta. Our technicians are NATE certified and the best at what they do. Whether you need to repair or replace your HVAC, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Call us today to discuss your options and let us help you choose the best system for your needs.


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