Symptoms of a Dirty Coil

As the component in your air conditioner that absorbs and removes heat from the air, an evaporator is a critical part of your system. Even small amounts of dirt or dust can keep it from working efficiently, so it’s important to notice and address dirty coils as soon as possible. Follow these steps to recognize the signs of a dirty coil.

Pay Attention to How Much Your Unit Runs

One of the first things you can do is look at how long your air conditioner is running. If it has to run for a very long time to bring your home to the desired level of coolness, your evaporator might be dirty. When the coil is extremely dirty, you may notice your home never gets as cool as you want, even though the air conditioner is running nonstop. Any time you notice your unit running for an abnormally long period, call We Care Plumbing, Heating & Solar and ask about our Murrieta and Orange AC repair services.

Look at Your Electric Bill

You can get an idea of how efficiently your system is performing by taking a look at your electric bill. If your costs are getting higher and higher even when you are not doing anything unusual, it may be because your evaporator coil is dirty.

Check Your System Pressure

This is one of the most effective ways of checking for a dirty coil. It will require you to have a way of measuring HVAC pressure and know your system’s usual pressure, but it is quite accurate. An overall drop in your system pressure is almost always a sign that your coil needs cleaning.

The crew at We Care Plumbing, Heating & Solar can help your system run more effectively by cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system. We also provide a variety of other services related to heaters, air conditioners, and plumbing. Call us now to learn more about the services we offer.

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