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I was overdue to replace my home's (1988) entire HVAC system - Air conditioner, heater and duct-work. My highest recommendation! The service, from beginning to end was top-notch.-CJ H.
Very professional, super nice, very thorough, and most of all, up front with pricing and willing to work with you. I highly recommend this company. You can't go wrong with good honest people.-Elise T.
All of my experiences with this company have been exceptionally positive. There are few companies like this one anymore!-Roger M.
What an amazing company! From the time you call to set up an appointment til the time of your install everyone is so very kind. They are super flexible with their time frame and show up. Highly recommend this company!-Stephani McFerran
From the first phone call every person I spoke with or dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable. No one was pushy and they quickly came and fixed our issues. The guys were great! I will be calling them back if I need further help for sure.-Jaime L.
Having a pet means taking extra good care of your AC unit.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Orange County

Having pets at home indicates increased responsibility in matters related to taking care of your HVAC unit. Your cute pets have a direct impact on that air which circulates in your home. If you are a pet owner, it is vital to know how to take proper care of your HVAC system. Here at We Care, we have several HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners in Orange County that we believe you will find helpful. 

It is essential to replace or clean your filters often to protect your HVAC equipment and keep your loved ones healthier. Based on research, pet owners should change their AC filters at least every three months. Most pets shed, and this naturally makes filters to get dirtier faster. Changing or replacing filters is vital since they play a crucial role in determining how efficient your HVAC unit is, or will be. 

Bathing and Grooming Your Pets Often

Frequent baths help to control allergens and odors. Brushing your pets will assist remove dead hair, grease, and dirt, assisting keep these things away from your HVAC unit. 

Regular Maintenance

Frequent and professional maintenance are essential to ensure your equipment can stand the test of time.  At We Care, we are the leading air conditioning service in Orange County provider and one of the top firms in California offering incredible HVAC repair solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your air conditioning unit maintains your office or home at a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

The Best HVAC Company in Orange County

Here at We Care, we specialize in offering customized home comfort via suitable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Our professional team serves many of our Orange County clients. We commit to continue doing so with the same spirit. 

Licensed and Insured AC Repair in Orange County

At We Care, we have highly experienced HVAC specialists who are equipped and trained to service any brand and model of equipment. 

Call us today for great AC repair solutions that are delivered in a timely way. We carefully inspect your unit and provide you with an effective option to fix the unit. 

Service Calls

We provide round the clock air conditioning services to ensure your home is comfortable always, or your business is running strong 24/7. Our online friendly, professional team is happy to answer all your queries at any time. Call us today for a free consultation and evaluation of all the HVAC solutions we provide. 

Trusted HVAC Experts in Orange County

Here at We Care, we address your air conditioning needs in a professional, courteous, and timely manner. Contact us now for great HVAC repair solutions that will leave you satisfied and happy.

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