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A/C Options for Older Homes

Every home deserves a quality cooling system. When the weather gets hot in the summer, having an appliance to cool you off is an absolute must. Some people become worried about older houses and whether they can be cooled as well. On the one hand, it’s definitely true that cooling isn’t as accessible for older properties. A lot of the wood and piping may be deteriorating, and the layout of the home might not be favorable for new technology in the first place. However, there are still more than enough options that you can consider. With a little bit of thought toward the layout of your residence and how to maximize the tools you have at your disposal, efficient cooling is easily possible. Here are some AC options for older homes in Murrieta.

Ductless Mini-Splits

As the name suggests, split systems are divided into two parts. One part is located outdoors on the perimeter of your house. The other part is located indoors like usual. Mini-splits are simply downsized versions of regular split systems. For older homes, these are excellent ways to cool off. Due to the separation, it’s very easy to add the outdoor component to an existing AC system. After all, that’s one major purpose of the split. If you want to provide air conditioning to a certain bedroom or bathroom, you can easily install the outdoor portion right outside the window. Because you won’t be using the AC unit on a large scale, a mini-split system is perfect for your needs. If your needs change in the long run, it’s simple to remove a mini-spit as well. Overall, this is an extremely low-risk way of cooling off an older home. You have the freedom to change things at will as well.

VRF Systems

VRF systems are also terrific for many of the older homes in Murrieta. These can be installed without a comprehensive array of ducts. This system relies on refrigerant lines to wrap around the property and provide access to each room. Refrigerant is a very reliable way of controlling the temperature at its core. One advantage of this method is zone control. These lines create a series of zones throughout a house, allowing you to control the temperature of each room. As discussed above, in a spacious older home, you’re likely not looking to cool the entire place at once. Rather, you’re more interested in lowering the temperature in one or two rooms at a time. If you do want to cool the entire residence, you can easily do so by operating all of the zones. There’s really no downside to this, as it just gives you more control over the indoor temperatures.

High-Velocity Systems

The idea behind a high-velocity system is the inclusion of smaller ducts. Larger ducts are simply not feasible for an older home, but smaller ducts are. These small ducts can be fed behind walls and concrete at will, letting you cool every square inch of your house. In essence, they’re mobile ducts that can be directed at will. Because the diameter of the duct is smaller, something needs to be done in compensation. This is where high velocity comes in. Cool air is shot at high velocities through this system, resulting in the same volume of cool air at the other side. High-velocity systems have proven to be so effective that they’re even becoming popular in newer houses as well. If you live in an exceptionally hot area and plan to have your AC running at its maximum capacity, then a high-velocity system may interest you. The sheer power of the high-velocity air streams ensures that your cooling system will have few limitations. It’s nearly as powerful as a unit in a newer property, and the only thing you have to worry about is overheating.

Problems With Ducts

By now, you’ve probably noticed a trend in all of the above AC options: they all eliminate the need for larger ducts in your home. So, why are large ducts an issue in older houses in the first place? It’s mainly due to their size. Installing small ducts isn’t a problem, as seen in a high-velocity system. However, when you try to force large ducts in an older property, you risk breaking or causing permanent damage to the walls. You’ll have to dig deeper than ever before, and if the home has been around for decades, it’s likely unstable at its foundation. You don’t want to cause any more destruction than is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, the upper sections of your house that are pertinent to an AC system aren’t as stable as the bottom sections. The basement of a house is typically solid no matter how old the property is. When deterioration does occur, it happens from the top down. While your walls and floors might seem capable of handling a session of drilling, your ceiling and attic might not share the same sentiment. The bottom line is that large ducts require an extra layer of care.

Further Resources

Every year, there are more and more options for homeowners of older houses. For more information on this topic, watch this video (, which will guide you through some options. Technology continues to make leaps and bounds, and AC units are becoming increasingly advanced. At one point, cooling off an older house was considered impossible and a waste of time. These properties were simply too outdated to make any progress. Today, we know that it’s more than feasible to install an AC unit in an older home. In fact, these approaches are so effective that some of them are even being used in newer houses. This overlap is very promising for any homeowner. With all of these resources, including the video mentioned above, you can learn more about your options and make an informed choice in the end.

Implementing AC Options

The fact of the matter is that you want some sort of AC system for your older home. The options listed above are great ways to get started toward a cool house. Now that you’ve identified what type of AC unit you want, it’s simply a matter of installation. Installing an air conditioner on your own is extremely complex and intricate. No matter how good you are with these sorts of appliances, a full cooling system is likely something you’ve never attempted before.

You’re better off contacting a professional service such as We Care Plumbing, Heating and Solar in Murrieta, CA. We truly care about all of your AC needs, especially in older homes. We understand just how important the climate of your house is, and our technicians have the experience to get you set up with an AC unit within yours. Some of our other services include drain cleaning, humidity control, heating, plumbing, and water filtration. Whether your issue is installing an AC unit or solving other HVAC problems, call us today so that we can be of assistance!

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